WIW - Summerfield, Cahergowan, Claregalway, Co.Galway

Long time reader of the pin, however first time poster. I’ve seen alot of these such posts but none in relation to Galway lately. Myself and my OH have been tempted with buying in recent years but have held off, mostly having read the posts here (thanks) but we’ve seen a house in our search area that is what we’ve always wanted but the asking is well over budget. I’d hoped asking what its worth may allow us to put in a realistic offer…


Zoom out a tiny bit on the map in daft. See that blue line ?, that’s the river worthless as far as this house is concerned. What isn’t insurable, is worthless. Sorry !

check out floodmaps.ie/View/Default.aspx for flood info.
I don’t know if this estate got flooded as bad as the aptly named ‘Lakeview’ got it.

Call insurance companies see what they quote and will/won’t cover, this will be a key tell.

I know there are remedial work on going at the bridge in claregalway but i don’t know what it is exactly that they are doing, i.e. strengthening the bridge or clearing space to allow a greater flow of water.

Thanks, checked if the flooding in 2009 which seems to be the worst recorded in that area and the estate was’nt near the flood so it seems ok. The CoCo also seem to be putting in preventive measures for the flooding at the moment. Will double check on the insurance though, thanks for the heads up.

It is big without being high spec from what I can see. 3000 sq ft - you’d build that and kit it out easily for €250k and I’m guessing you’d get a site in or a 70’s bunglow that you’d knock around Claregalway easily for not much more than 100k. So absolute tops 400k, in a normal environment taking into account the hassle factor. But this isn’t normal. I definitely wouldn’t be looking at offering anything more than 300k now. And that’s only because it is on the right side of Claregalway and I don’t think it is a flooder. KMS asking prices are always stupidly high so pay no heed to them.

My honest opinion of houses like that is do you plan to have five or more kids?
If not, what do you want a house like that for, you’ll be rattling around in it and it’ll cost a fortune to heat.

Cheers, our thoughts were at offering €305 but it difficult to make the offer 50% less than asking and not think that it will be simply dismissed. thanks for your input…

I agree here. This type of house (detacted, private and central) are hard to come by and seem to be >1/2 million marker when they do. School is close by with a second level getting the go ahead for next year so its a house we’re planning on stayin in for a long long time.