WIW Summerseat Clonee

daft.ie/sales/duplex-summers … th/931223/

We’re seriously considering to get a 3-bed duplex located near Clonee village. Looking for a few expert opinions.

It’s part of a relaunched estate daft.ie/new-homes/summerseat … lin/15155/

We’re a couple in our late 20s, without kids (for the next 2 years at least!) and looking for a starter home where we could stay possibly permantely if needed.

A few elements make us hesitate:

  • Value/price is at 220k (without flooring). Set price, the builder won’t move. Price seems to be a bit high for the area, but I’m comparing with Clonee Dublin 15, while the duplex are just within walking distance of the Clonee village in Meath. The village is small so not many element of comparaison. The duplex were at 195k last year, then bumped to 210k and now 220k. I see a similar duplex for offer to rent at 1400 pm on daft, but I suspect it would likely go at 1200/1300 only.
  • Built in 2006, put back on the market last year. ‘Celtic tiger’ quality?
  • Not seeing any other duplex sold on the property price register (they’re on the market since mid 2013) meaning potential problems in the case we might need to sell in the future? I see that a number of 2 beds apt (down stair) going sold on the register though.
  • There are still a number of buildings unfinished in the estate (since 2007). Builder is still alive and active. I suppose the builder is going to complete them once the money flow from the remaining finished units" but that’s an element of uncertainty. They extended the planning permission till 2016 in 2011.
  • What’s going to happen with the remaing 100+ duplex to come on the market? They did not manage to sell any in the past 6 months from the ppr. Could it be bought by the council for social housing?

Good aspects:

  • We like the location, near work and the village within walking distance has everything we need
  • Mgm fees are reasonable at 850pa. But mgm company still directed by the developers
  • Price is well within our budget
  • Somehow modern, so good energy rating
  • Good ‘starter’ home, large enough, we might stay there ‘permanently’ if needed without problem, including raising a family
  • Mostly owner occuped from ptrb. This might change in the future as only half of the development is occuped though
  • A school is planned just across the street, might be handy when we get kids
  • They are huge and look very nice!