WIW Sweetmount Ave, Dundrum

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1885583

Any opinions on this property? Apparently, there is an offer of 350k on it.

The size includes a c. 20 sq. meter “conservatory” so the house is only 100 sqm or so.

Tiny rooms, conservatory looks to be old aluminium job. Semi-D dormer is just about my least favourite type of house.

I think 350k for this house is certifiably insane.

nice gardens, right orientation, good location, room to extend, so it does look good. However, I live in a similar house to this, the layout is not suitable for a family, they are small and be prepared to spend a lot of money getting the place insulated. Ours was insulated when it was redone and it’s still by far the coldest house I have ever lived in. Neighbour says his is same and that they are all like that.

Is it my imagination or does the kitchen have virtually NO work space? The spot to stand at the cooker is the same as the spot to stand at the sink.

For this you should pay €350 per sq ft