WIW Sydney Ave, Blackrock, Co Dublin

Any views on this one folks?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1474635

I would be looking to construct a single property on the site. Reckon I’d get planning?


This site may not be quite what it seems. Looking at the plan for the three mews houses, the parking access also appears to give access to a property beside/behind the site (rear nos. 20-24 Mount Merrion Avenue). I’ve peeked through the gate on this site and have often seen various cars parked in the laneway area that gives onto that adjacent site; the adjacent site is accessed through a further gate.

So first thing to find out would be whether there is some kind of shared access; if so, what you get does not technically include the whole area shown on the plan. Don’t assume that the estate agent, vendor’s solicitor or existing architectural drawings will automatically give you the full and correct version of the story; get your own solicitor to look into this.

I posted the same question in the related thread a couple of months ago and nobody seemed to know, but it seems very germane to the issue of WIW.

Now to answer your original question of whether you would get PP, I’d say probably, but not definitely - depends on the planner’s mood. And as there is no longer a market for the type of “build three and flog 'em” I wonder why the vendor hasn’t reapplied to get permission for a single dwelling, which would make the site much more affordable.

My network of homeless people tells me that this site is back on the market, still asking €750k.
(As mentioned in another thread recently, the site had gone sale agreed in Nov 11: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=41403.)

I couldn’t resist a drive past at lunchtime and sure enough Savills have taken down the sale agreed board and have it for sale once again. I know we had one very interested pinster. Or perhaps that’s the person who just pulled out of the sale.


Yes you would get planning not a problem but the council fees alone would be 40k to scale the size of the 3 for sale.
On the site its way overpriced.
I have tried to negotiate on many sites in similar areas but asking prices are not realistic ,even taken into account I would be doing all the building work while project managing,there would be no return in the current market.
My opinion on Savills is they have not moved on from 2006.

spare some change there sharps? :-GC

Interesting. I could not figure out how someone had made these figures work.

It appears also that the market is eating itself. New price drops, threatening existing sale agreeds, leading to further price drops - strange old market out there.

The longer this goes on the more people really understand how hard you have to work to pay off that 500k mortgage.

On the other side the salaries for some solicitors and accountants are going gangbusters but I hear the government work underpinning the firms is drying up going into 2012.

I joined this site in 2006 - wake me up when we get there. As per my earlier post Sharper it is 2 parts desperation and a slight dollop of sense.

Sale Agreed nearly 3 months on: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1474635