WIW The Bunker Clonee Road Lucan

I drove by this house yesterday & thought I’d take a look at the price.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … an/1837819

I thought it was a bit steep considering it’s actually a Semi Detached & the location. I drove by around 6:30pm & the Road itself was pretty busy, back Road from Blanch to Lucan.

maps.google.ie/maps?q=westmansto … .8,0,8.53

Would be inclined to agree - the location is not great. I drive that road morning and evening and it’s a busy enough road at any time. So you’re “in the country” without any of the benefits (peace and quiet, nice aspect/view etc.) but really you’re in a cluster of fields sandwiched between Lucan/Clonee/Leixlip/Porterstown

There’s a (still) inaccessible rail station about 2 kms up the road on the Dunboyne - Connolly spur line which is now open a couple of years without any progress in the station becoming usable. Other than that, you’d be looking at driving absolutely everywhere - down into Lucan via a busy road thru Laraghcon or other backroads to Porterstown/Blanch or Leixlip directions.

Ouch! The pictures tell a story. Where would that level of water have come from?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … st/2318558

Was it ever occupied?

Seems to be in a hollow generally, not called “the bunker” for nothing!
Good to know it was “Architect Designed”! I guess they didn’t bother with an engineer.


Looks like a burst pipe flood that…god knows from where though.

House was occupied for a time from the look of it, abandoned before or during flood which may have been the 2 cold snaps in 2010 if the premises was empty then…leading to the burst. The Google Earth photo dates to May 2009 before the cold snaps.

Not dehumidified properly, bad sign that. Are the owners even in Ireland any more. ???