WIW The Coach House strawberry beds

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 15/1911555
Anyone view this property?It’s a little quirky. Pub next door. Close to Phoenix park…

that is an insane price for that house. It’s worth nowhere near the asking imo.

I wouldn’t fancy trying to make it down to that patio with a drink taken or if it had been raining in the last few hours :open_mouth:

It’s right on the road, and the road can be busy. I wouldn’t like to live there and wouldn’t dream of it with kids
Has been on the market a long time - think they might have changed EA

Doesn’t give a sq ft total, annoyingly. Looks very small in the pictures for half a million euros.

They even bought a time machine in order to source some of the decor from the 1970s.

It has a bit of character and is 300m from the Phoenix Park.

Back to the hill, water to the front. Good feng shui. Due to the hill that back patio and steps is essentially SW-facing.

The road is busy enough but due to the hill and the proximity to the junction with Tower Road I don’t think it’s fast.

I like it. Dunno about the price though.

make sure you can get flood insurance on it :-GC

Without know the square m’s involved it’s impossible to call.

It’s a really interesting house and gardens in an attractive location, but if it’s four beds crammed into 100sqm then it’ll suck as a family home. If the floor area befits the rooms then it might be a proposition.

It’s on a steep hill. How is it going to flood?



I really like location close to the park. Granted it is right on the road.
It’s quirky. A lot more character than thev 3 bed semi d in Laurel lodge.
Might view… It’s on the market a while.
It’s hardly a flood risk?

its’ small, you can tell that from the photos and from standing outside it. It can get noisy late at night with the pub there I imagine, I have seen DJ decks set u on the front patio of the pub. despite being in the “country” you still are attached to a neighbour. The garden is useless the whole place is a no-no if you have kids imo, unless you are willing to let them play in the car park across the road.
And to whomever said the road is slow because of the junction - haha ! Cars go both ways you know, and that road is known for lads having a quick blast down ( I did it enough myself in my young days ). All the boy racers accelerating down the road will make noise and be travelling at pace.

It’s 300m from the Phoenix Park and a mile inside the M50.

Anytime I’ve been past there it’s very quiet. Haven’t been out in the evening though. I’ll defer to your experience of boy racing. :smiley:

They must’ve stopped off in the mid 2000s to source the price.

Why is it an insane price?

Adding up the room sizes, you get 156m2

It is full of character and individuality, gorgeous gardens, a D1 Ber.

It is fantastic location - really near town and the Phoenix Park.

I don’t get it. There would be no outcry at a similar price for an identikit semi-d in the likes of a suburban hell like Rathfarnham or Clonskeagh. Are people upset at its individuality?

It seems to me a price in line with the market. That’s not to say I don’t think the market is out of whack.

It’s north of the Liffey.

looking at the room measurements and assuming most rooms are square it’s approx. 150sqm which is a pretty decent size for a house. I have seen worse.

However, I think it would be a nice place as a holiday home (not the location but the site, garden, quirkiness), not sure it’s entirely practical for day to day living

BTW I would not intend spending that sort of money on a holiday home, it just reminds me of the sort of place you might let in cornwall or torquay or cobh

Not by much. The proximity of the Phoenix park tends to neutralise the effect too. That’s a nice leafy road, fairly quiet, as far as I can recall too,

I viewed this place and while the house is very different and quirky and is perfect for the Phoenix Park the garden is a big issue for kids. Its far too steep and I’d say it could be dangerous in the winter. One of the bedrooms doesn’t have any window in it and overall the price is way too much in comparison to similar ones. The road is a big issue as well.

There are speed bumps on this road. I think speeding was an issue, less so now perhaps.