WIW The Elms, Mount Merrion Ave, Blackrock, Co. Dublin


This is a funny little house. My only real interest in it is that I used to live in it. There’s been some work done on it since, but you can take that BER rating seriously.


Just shy of €10,000 per m2

Hooray, it’s 2006 again.

Wow, I hadn’t even bothered to do the maths.

That’s proper bonkers.

The ad doesn’t mention the fact that this is essentially the former security hut at the entrance to a quite large apartment complex. (I lived in a one bed apartment in The Elms around '88/'89. Loved it.)

Yep, you’ll have practically every single resident rattling past your chic abode every day of the week. Overlooked doesn’t even begin to describe it.

It is a great location.

It would make a great home if you could extend in the rear and possibly upstairs.

However, at 52sqm would you need to add another 50 to 60 sqm to make it usable?

Only concerns would be the trees & security (it’s very dark & secluded).

I think that the price is to do with the potential to build a house on that site that would sell for €1m+ in that location. Or maybe even better two €750k semis side by side if planning is obtained. There have been many new build largish houses built on small sites all around good areas of SCD.

Maybe, although from what I recall it’s a very tight and awkwardly positioned site.