WIW : The Grove, Killiney (27 bed / 18 bath)

A bedroom for nearly every day of the month?
A fresh jacks for every bowel movement of the week?

What’s not to like about this Victorian brute of a gaff on Killiney Hill Road? The faint whiff of wee perhaps?

Kniggit Frank

That’s an awful lot of bowel movements.

The mortgage should be a cinch, though, at €20k / month over 30 years.

Has developer written all over it .
Apartments would be my guess ,with 2 bed apt north of 800k

Sold for a mere €1.485M. just now, per PPR

But still asking €4.5M. on myhome.ie

I assume this wasn’t an arms-length transaction but why the low-ball price? With over 16,000 sq. ft. of accommodation, this price equates to €92 per sq. foot. Does that make it the cheapest property by area in Dublin?

And they threw in the 2.7 acres of mature grounds with spectacular views.

Generally the PPR price is intended to just reflect the house on up to 1 acres, with a further undisclosed sum paid for the remainder of the land so it’s possible it sold for more. It is also possible as you said that it wasn’t an arm’s length sale at all, I don’t know who bought this – if it has even sold, which it may not have considering it’s still advertised for sale as you say.

As enticing as 16,000 sq. ft. of space may sound on paper, that is a hell of a lot of space to renovate and reconfigure into a luxury family home at a time when renovation costs have spiraled out of control. You would be better off with 4,000 sq. ft. of original space with room to bolt on a modern extension of your choosing rather than working with the former nursing home extensions that are there currently. That extraordinary amount of floor area is more of a liability than an asset at the moment I think.

Agreed, this is not attractive as a family home. It seems there has been a change of legal ownership and the €1.485M. was the consideration declared for stamp duty but the property is still on the market.

It says it is “In need of modernisation & reconfiguration” but it looks to have great potential for institutional use. I wonder if the nursing home had regulatory issues?

Strange that a property like this with the capacity to accommodate large numbers of people is lying vacant for years during a housing crisis!