WIW - The Maples, Clonskeagh

Tempted by this place - it’s the sort of house and area I’m looking for but not sure if it’s the right move to buy here, or now.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1242664

€495 is a lot - don’t think it’s worth that. How much below the asking price is acceptable to offer before you’re just wasting people’s time? First time buyer so any advice would be appreciated, especially from people who know or live in this estate. Would love to know what other houses have sold for here lately and in times gone by… Cheers.

Should the question not be:

How much ABOVE the FAIR VALUE is acceptable ASK before you’re just wasting people’s time?

Buyers market. As one agent said to me - hit me with it. No matter how low. I can only say no and you do not know the vendor circumstances.

On this property, in a distressed market, and rising rates…3x a 70k salary plus change for a few lattes - €220k.

if you are not embarressed with the price you are offer you are putting in then its not low enough

just had a read of the details…


I used to live in this development - convenient location for UCD, but rubbish build quality.

Since when did 1,250sq ft become exceptionally spacious?

Thanks JC. Could you elaborate on what you mean by the build quality being rubbish? I’ve seen a few people say that in other threads about places in The Maples so I’d be interested to know exactly what is rubbish about it? I’ve been to see the place and it looked decent enough to me. The internal walls are pretty thin but isn’t that usually the case?

Were you renting here or did you own?

I think all Dublin property is no less than 30% higher than it will be at the bottom of the crash. I see no reason why this property should be any different, and think it’ll reach that bottom in Spring selling season 2013.

Let’s say you get it for 450K, and assume an 80% mortgage of 360K.

At 7.5% on a 25 year mortgage you’re looking at monthly repayments of €2,660 once interest reliefs are gone. Ouch.

Rented a very similar (but not detached - is this one?) house. Internal walls thin (noise transmits) and easily damaged. Noiseproofing as between adjacent houses also poor. Other internal items (doors, handles, bathroom fittings, tiles, etc.) were relatively cheap and didn’t age well, though of course may differ in this particular house. None of this is unusual for houses of that era, but it did put me off the estate. Certainly at that price. The fact that the estate is heavy on student rentals wouldn’t help, unless that’s since changed.

Walls are thin.
Nice estate. Its full of rentals to students or young professionals though. Used to be every second house. Maybe less now. Known for loud parties.
Plenty of families also. A nice green.
I suspect it has an annual service charge.

Sale Agreed:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1242664