WIW - The Millhouse, Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham


Anyone know anything about this Allsop offering? Looks like a stonker of a place if lumbered/blessed listed status. What would it do if turned around into a top notch family home?

Back up for auction again, with a reserve of 350-400k (down from 400k last time I think) – assume it didn’t sell in the previous Allsop auction?

daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-au … in-1207553

There’s a long list of refused permissions to develop the site since 2006, the latest for just 3 houses ( down from 11 :slight_smile: ). Looks like the only option may be to renovate then live in the 3,500sq.ft. house and have a large garden… with no car, as the refusals won’t allow an entrance through the wall!

Have any of those refusals been through An Board?
Would that, with an appropriate amount of Traffic Impact Study, gates, architectural design, environmental studies, demographic social studies be enough to swing the decision at An Board level?

It was withdrawn before/on the day.

  1. Buy large, decrepit but working lorry and have it delivered to the road teeing into this houses road. About 30 ft away from the junction should do.

  2. Consaw two vertical lines from top to bottom of wall, about 7/8ths way through the wall working from inside out. Set the lines a truck-and-a-halves width apart from each other

  3. Don marigolds and wait til the wee hours. Report truck stolen

  4. Aim/fire

  5. Clear rubble from truck sized hole in wall, erect pre-prepared, wall-coloured plywood hoarding to temporarily block the hole and leave simmer

  6. Add hinges cladding, electric drive over time to taste