wiw/then and now - 3 Healthfield Road, terenure, d6

asking 1M. Needs work. 416/sq ft.

Cannot see how they hope to get 1M for this based on what brighton road houses have recently gone for although being a cul-de-sac would make this more attractive.

750K more like market value.

Same style house went for an asking of 1.225M in 2003.
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 15945.html

Nice quiet road, attractive exterior but bad orientation and it looks like everything needs to be ripped out. Lack of off-street parking would be deal breaker for me, and if that didn’t kill it then the price tag certainly did - there are literally houses on Orwell Park getting not much more than this.

I think the biggest problem with this is the garden: East facing and very over looked (lack of off-street parking less of an issue personally). Nice proportions and space, but you’re probably talking €100-150k of renovations (to include new roof, double-glazing, insulation, heating system, electrics) and you’d prob want to extend the kitchen on top of that.

€1m is looking very punchy…


Would be looking for something a lot more unique, detached and refurbished for the guts of a million.

now asking 900K