WIW - Truskey West, Barna, Co Galway.


The listing says POA, I know someone that went to see the property.

The asking they were quoted was €???

This went sale agreed recently. Asking was €380,000.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ay/2336854

The sellers are looking for €575,000.

I think they’d be doing very well to get €400,000.
As very little is selling for more that this.

According to the PPR (as of 26 April 2013), since the beginning of 2012:
49 houses in all of Galway have sold for more that €400,000.
31 houses in all of Galway have sold for more that €500,000.
21 houses in all of Galway have sold for more that €600,000.

At least 2 of these are massive guest houses in Salthill/Silverstrand.

There is a real shortage of supply in Barna

139 Cregan fetched 435k only a few months ago - and that was only 1800 sq feet

That price was a bit mad (especially when #88 Cregan sold a few months previously for 460k and that was 2600 sq feet) but seems to have set the tone for Barna at the moment…

So I think 400k is way too optimistic (or pessimistic depending on your point of view) for this property.

On the other hand, one of the carraig an iolair houses sold for 420k but I suspect there may be more to that deal than meets the eye ( did it have an Irish Clause? or maybe VAT? or even something else :angry: )

I get what you are saying, Barna is the SCD of Galway :laughing:

13 Thornberry is listed at €450,000
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ay/2393383

I would think you could get it for less as No 18 sold for €355,000 (not sure of size).

Thornberry is a bit odd - there seems to be a significant premium for the dormer style houses (3 bed upstairs, one down ) compared to the more conventional “square” ones with 4 beds upstairs. Also I think there is a significant diff in size - #18 was 1900sq ft, #13 is 2250sq ft - personally I think #18 is a more practical family house, but that isn’t the common perception

I think #13 went sale agreed last year around 430k/435k but fell through, and when #139 Cregan got 435k, then I can see why they might expect a bounce for this one in Thornberry.

There are a few other houses in Thornberry which should still come up for sale at some stage - 1A and 10 (nexus?) seemed to be taken off the market and rented, and another 1 or 2 on the same row as #13 are rented out by the 2nd builders (fitzgeralds?)…but in general supply has tightened significantly from a few years ago…