WIW Tudor Lodge, Violet Hill, Church Road, Killiney

Tudor Lodge, Violet Hill, Church Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin
€2,950,000 - 6 Bed Detached House 597 m² / 6426 ft² For Sale (0.62 ACRE)

And still they keep coming - the 8th house formally on the market for over +2m in Killiney.

Previously offered in March 2004 for 2.25m (it was 1,000 sq ft. smaller at 5,300 sq ft. but in very good condition).

Sold for 2.775m in April 2004 at auction.

Current Irish Times review for the 2015 sale process.

I think this is a very pretty house with a lovely layout and façade. Even the internal layout is very appealing and interesting.

The site is 0.62 acres and reasonably square-like with the house situated in the centre, so there are reasonable grounds all around it (a very nice set up and surprisingly hard to get in Dublin where so many sites have been broken up in a crazy way). (this is my fifth attempt to paste in their so map!)

The issue is pricing. Even though they have added 1,000 sq ft. since purchase, I don’t know of many +2m houses in Dublin that are anywhere near their 2004 sales prices. 2.775m was not a big price in 2004, even for Killiney. Houses in Sorrento Terrace were asking c 3.8m to 4m in 2004. Other acre sites off Killiney Hill Road (Paddock Wood, Buena Vista) were getting c 5m in 2004. Church Road has not been able to attract anything like the pricing of Killiney Hill Road. Even today there are several houses on almost an acre in and around Church Road / Balure Lane being offered for c 1m per acre.

The house is so pretty however that I think they have a shot at getting a foreign buyer / embassy / corporate buyer (I.e. somebody else’s money) who just wants this, regardless of cost. If that doesn’t work, I think the pricing will come closer to c 2.5m than 3m.

Owners, who are in the nursing home business, are upsizing to Kilmarnock House on Military Road. Surprised they’re selling up this early considering work must be in the very early stages down at Kilmarnock, and god knows there is a ton of work to be done down there. Perhaps they are expecting a protracted sale period…

At 2.95m, I think it will be a protracted sales period.

Although Kilmarnock House was a great buy (but what a big project - several years at least?)

FYI Battledord, Church Road, Killiney is across the road from Tudor Lodge
Slightly bigger site than Tudor Lodge and 5,000 sq ft. of modern build for 1.45m
Tudor Lodge is in a different league in terms of prettiness but shows how challenging the 2.95m asking is.
Very hard to get that on the Church Road.
(I’m not sure that Balure House was a genuine arms length transaction ?)

Reduced to 2.6m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3365216

Have to agree on this. Although this side of Church Road is backing onto Killiney proper, you are in fact a 2 or 3km drive from, say, The Druid’s Chair, which might be considered the centre of Killiney.

On Church Road you have the feel of Louglinstown even if the adress is Killiney.

Reduced further to 2.485m (down 15.8% from 2.95m)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3365216