WIW Tulira Castle, in the village of Ardrahan in Galway

Want to be king of your own castle? Inside the incredible 16th century stately home with staff quarters and a banqueting hall on sale for £5.5million
From the Daily Mail what think you Pinsters and yep theres a touch of the faith and begorrahs about the report

dailymail.co.uk/news/article … -5-5m.html

Wow! That is unbelieveable.

If you don’t have the budget this one isn’t bad value… Must have some potential for short term lettings, private parties etc etc

Thats some house

The land is only a bit of swamp so im out :smiley:

Any amount of McMansions for sale in the area and many more not for sale.


sherryfitz.ie/resi/buy/7-bed … &ST=2&pc=1
you could rent a mcmansion for 1,350 per month if you wanted to

Reminds me of Flatleys gaff

If the correct euromillion numbers come up tonight…

That deserves to be enjoyed as much as possible by as many people as possible.

Pin whip-round? :smiley:

Or this…


I went to a wedding in one, it was lovely.

What? Can`t ya just buy it and not pay mortgage? Or just pay what you can afford.

You’re right of course, how silly of me.
And my wife’s people come from about 10 miles to the west of Ardrahan, so we’re almost natives.
Mortgage for 5M, make payments for a year, skip a couple of years, make some payments against the interest for two years, skip another couple of years - sure the children will be just about reared by that point and we’ll be ready to downsize :smiley:

I can picture you with a tent on the lawn, give the sheriff (if he is the Sheriff) hell. 8DD

Ex Pat…Are you a Knight of the Realm or Hereditary Peer? I know of someone who can keep you there in the style befitting your social standing