WIW - Vernon Lodge, 41A Castle Avenue, Clontarf

daft.ie/sales/vernon-lodge-4 … in/956897/
Detached House|5 Beds|2 Baths
173 Sq. Metres (1,862 Sq. Feet)
€510/sq ft

As you look from the road, the site has been divided in two, with Vernon Lodge on the left, and what used to be its driveway and part of its grounds now a separate site on the right, presumably with plans to build another (somewhat narrow) house there.

Squeeze them is as tight as you can, lads! :angry:

Housing abuse!

This is what it used to look like according to Streetview. Lovely stone wall and mature tree, now gone.


Looks like a very modern ‘Grand Design’ type build will be going into that site inbetween 41A and vernon lodge



Those links seem to be broken.

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and click on “View Documents”

The house being build on the adjoining site is already up to two stories and is very close to the existing bungalow, and therefore rather “dominates” it.

Bungalow is sale agreed by the way.
daft.ie/sales/vernon-lodge-4 … in/956897/

I am really surprised that this new build got planning permission as it is between two bungalows. I know that there has been very strict guidelines in building between existing bungalows in Clontarf eg Mt Prospect Avenue. I am as surprised that someone would pay big money for Vernon Lodge with this 2 story house being built nearly on top of it and having a balcony potentially overlooking it…amazing… Or not!!!

Sold for 875k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-128396/