WIW - "Vista"Kilmashogue Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

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  • 4 Bed 371.61 m²
    Complete site ¾acre - 1acre.

En suite for every bedroom… On view this Saturday 10th from 11am to 12pm

So WIW?!

Here Celtic kitty, kitty, kitty.


It wouldn’t really be to my taste… nice views though. A change of furnishing would cure most of its problems

And a 50% price drop!

Shiny slippy marble floors throughout a family home?

I can see the heads splitting open already. If you bought this, you’d want to be pretty sure that the chosen site for the National Children’s Hospital, if it eventually gets built, is next door.

On the plus side, there’s a very high standard of finish. While it’s not to my tast or that of other pinsters, it’s a style that I believe many would go for. I would expect the build quality to be excellent. The rooms are very well-proportioned and the size of the house is still manageable.

However, about 20-25% of the space by my rough guess is given over to hallways and landing; while a house of this size needs decent hall/landing spaces, I think that’s overkill and would consider this more like a 3,200 sq ft house in terms of available space. But that’s not going to be a dealbreaker.

A parent would want to be just as concerned about the likely lack of neighbouring playmates and the worrying isolation of the garden as they would about the shiny, hard floors. However, these may be less of a concern to someone with children who are getting into their teens.

What I believe *would *make this a dealbreaker for many is the isolated location. It’s a long drive to most amenities. It will suffer badly from its location in serious winter weather. An excellent security system (probably already installed) and a pack of savage attack dogs (the one already visible in image 8 does not come with the house) would be essential.

So I think on the whole that it will struggle to make €800k. But it’s hard to call: it might offer just the kind of isolation that some people would like.

I used to know someone who lived up on Kilmashogue lane when I was a kid. I went to her house once and thought it was the coolest place ever because it was ‘in the middle of the countryside’ even though you could get the bus there. True it might be a bit lonely for kids but that’s the price you pay for peace and quiet and nice scenery and there are paybacks in fresh air and space to play etc.

I wouldn’t go for it myself. I don’t like this particular house or the décor - too cold, shiny and lacking in character for me. I especially don’t like the orientation of the living room with the furniture all facing the TV instead of the fireplace. Not cosy at all. That said it’s modern, spacious, looks to be fitted out to a high standard and I’m sure there are some who’d love to live there. Not sure if the location would justify the price though. When it comes down to it there’s probably a lot of competition in that price bracket with just as high standards or just as big but closer to city amenities and schools etc. so you don’t have to chauffeur your kids everywhere (assuming the market for this house is families with children).


Rural houses suffer far less from crime.

Um, thanks for the suggestion… Actually the shape of the room I was talking about would make orientating the furniture towards the fireplace (if you’re talking about a sofa) quite impractical. The fireplace is at the thin end of an oblong room. And the shiny, coldness is a result mainly of the flooring which would be expensive to change and was a reason for which you, yourself also partly rejected the house. :stuck_out_tongue:
Edited to add that the lack of character is partly down to the architecture. A bit run of the mill and boring for the price.

IMO this will sell quickly at close to the asking price.

In addition the running costs on a house this size are approx €2k+ per month (heating, gardener, water and waste sytems, etc).

A faithful dobermann I believe :slight_smile:

It’s the kind of location where the burglars would just put you under surveillance and then ransack.

There’s a market for these kind of houses. If you look on the map view there’s a couple for sale in other ruralish locations around the Dublin mountains - they always seem to have a snooker table. It must be a good way to raise a Ken Doherty standard snooker player.

I like the DFS sofa tv commercial look to the place.

I wouldn’t consider this to be a rural house. It just looks that way but it’s on the edge of the urban sprawl and i’m pretty sure it’s close to a few enterprising crims…

The (nerdy) begrudgers and gardeners may note that at 326m altitude it is approx 2°C cooler than at sea level, that only sheep and trees are happy up in the mountains.

Not to my liking, a bit bling, but more taste that some of the usual mc-mansions.

I agree that it will sell easily and expensively. Surely the 2k per month is excessive though? Waste and water have no ongoing costs, your gardener costs whatever you pay him (might be zero), and heating is not radically different to a city house

I don’t think this will last long at that price - sure the decor is embarassing but that’s easily fixed for a house with that good a finish, on such a large plot of land with those fantastic views. I used to run/cycle up there years ago and the area is very peaceful so it always struck me as a great spot to raise kids.

More importantly, it’s also only one exit down the M50 from Knocklyon.

I totally disagree. This house has been finished to impeccable taste. I have been searching for a family home for the last 2 years and have yet to come across one like this. The houses we have looked at in this price range are all in need of a lot of money spent to bring it to vistas standard. This house is in walk in condition! Not many houses on the Irish Market finished to this quality. Definitely worth a look

Best of luck with the sale, Loulou.

I don’t think the iron railings and reproduction Loius XVI chairs are everyone’s definition of impeccable taste, but each to their own.

On the contrary, in viewing over 100 houses before buying, I saw many, many houses that were finished to at least this standard - and that was in the SCD area alone, in far superior locations to this. All of them had one other thing in common with “Vista”: the vendors hoped against hope, against reality, against all reason, that somebody would be willing to significantly reimburse them for the lavish finishes. To my knowledge, all of them failed to achieve anything like the price they were asking. All those hopes were dashed. This market does not look kindly on the extravagant tastes of the Celtic Tiger era, and buyers do not reward well-finished homes with anything like the premium that would be needed to recoup a significant proportion of what they cost.

So what is a realistic asking/selling price for this house? A figure starting with 5… or is that too low/high!?!