WIW - Wainsfort Manor - Terenure

daft.ie/sales/66-wainsfort-m … in/714030/

I like the look of this house, but it was originally listed in April 2013 according to daft - suggests to me it’s not really for sale, or they will only take above the asking

It’s with castle too which means nobody probably knows what’s going on

May well be something fishy going on. We looked at a number of Wainsfort Manor houses when we were looking and they generally sold very quickly in the last year. This one has been around for quite a while.

Also, if you like that estate, check proximity to the Poddle River, some are very near it. Gardens are in general small and extremely overlooked as well. Don’t know about you but the living rooms are disappointingly narrow too. No room to extend in most cases, either at the sides or back.

Solid middle class estate though, classed as ‘very affluent’ on the HP Deprivation indices

The best one I’ve seen was on at €475k and was snapped up but was much bigger than this.

I don’t really know the area, but I’m drifting further and further from the city centre as prices go up! But they look like nice houses and a pleasant size for someone who has been in a one bedroom flat for 2 years! I was wondering if they’d take an offer on it, since it’s not selling, but maybe they have been holding out for the asking or above and that’s why it’s still there.