WIW Wheatfield, Barnaslingan Lane, Kilternan

Wheatfield is on the market at €795k. See: m.myhome.ie/for-sale/brochure/2729516

Was for sale in 2005, but was withdrawn. See: independent.ie/unsorted/indo … 92323.html

Cannot remember the 2005 price, but I’ll trawl through my documents here and find it.

Current advert says 5 bedrooms, but has lots of additional bedrooms, maybe up to three more if my memory is correct. Viewed it last time. Previous occupant (a High Court judge) had lots of kids I recall, hence the additional bedrooms.

House built in its grounds in or about early to mid 2000s, so some of the original gardens gone. On about 3/4 acre now.

So, what’s it worth? BER E2 isn’t good, but to be expected.

My guess is it will go for €700k, but it will need big investment to bring it up to modern standards, so I wouldn’t pay more than €600k (cue the usual heads giving out about wiw threads and so forth!)

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2342879

This went for 680. Nicer views and better condition, more characterful too IMO

Given larger size wheat filed I’d guess it would get north of 700. Always hard to know with these houses as market is smaller and there all a bit different.

Conflicted, yes The Den up at Ballybetagh that you post is a nice house. Great sea views from its garden too. Wheatfield doesn’t have any views, save of its tennis court and fields (with some pylons).

Wheatfield has a strange layout due to all those low ceiling “bedrooms” in the half-basement. You could well be right re price.

I’ve trawled through old brochures here from the 2000s and can’t find it. I’ll find it, or maybe some other pinster can recall.

On view today (now-ish), so I’ll go for a walk now past it and see the level of interest.

Reduced to 735k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2729516

Looks like this went sale agreed after dropping to 595k asking.


The myhome ad suggests it went sale agreed 5 months ago but I passed this yesterday and the sale agreed sign is still up, and it’s not on the PPR.