the “what’s it worth” threads have lessened over the last few weeks. Is this due to the, eh
, end of the summer season or concern over the economy and budgets?

They got the fear.

Theyre clearly unpopular, I would say thats why.

Well if you insist, I’ll give you one.

I’ve seen a place that I quite like and am thinking about putting in an offer for it. I really like the area, and it is a better location than I am living at the minute.


I know it has been listed now for quite some time now, so I was thinking about offering about 15% below asking and if they don’t bite at that raising it to -10%. Am I crazy ?

What’s the tiled room with the wardrobes/paneling? Is it a bathroom with a lot of floorspace?

looks like the lobby for the block

It is. Ms.G’berg used to rent here seven-eight years back, nice apartments. Brisk half hour walk to town.

Ok, here’s another WIW … I’m wondering if there can be much of a market left for golf resort-style houses. Glanced at these in passing several years back and 4-beds were asking an astonishing €650k … don’t even know if that was peak. Here’s one allegedly sale agreed with an asking of €345k:

property.ie/property-for-sal … rd/473018/

And another considerably bigger asking €425k:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … rey/252914

Perhaps they’ve suddenly realised Gorey’s not the Algarve.

My mum has a mobile down that way. 20-30 yrs ago Ballymoney used to be such a cute little hamlet (village is too generous) with a few caravan parks, a little shop and a couple of pubs…now you walk to the top of Tara Hill and see the crap they allowed to build there. A few groups of houses yes, but there’s loads of development there now so it’s not very appealing…and now the shop is gone

A carbon copy of many small villages around the country

Worth it? I don’t know who would live there, well heeled Goreyites? 2nd homers? Still a lot of money for a suburban style house in the back a**e of nowhere (over an hour’s drive from Dublin on a quiet afternoon)