WIW: "Windgate", Windgate Road, Howth

POA - 7 Bed Detached House 450 m² / 4844 ft² For Sale
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Want. Can’t have. Still, WiW?


A “jewel in the crown of Dublin” - lol. Very mediocre inside - look at the kitchen… Beautiful setting but I’d want to reconfigure the house.

Aside - what does “WIW” stand for?!

Whats it worth

That pic reminds me of this:

That’s it!

I miss the 1980s. Falcon Crest and prawn cocktails washed down with Blue Nun. What a decade.

Now for rent at €4k/month short term. daft.ie/searchrental.daft?id=1403167

Either they have a buyer and are renting it out until it closes, or they have absolutely nobody and are trying to get some money in on a month to month basis. Absolutely love this place, but it isn’t a good buy. Carrick around the corner was a much better buy, asking €1.95m on a better site with debatably more universally appealing good-looks.
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I’m a sucker for art deco so I love this, despite the interior being terrible. It will need a lot of money to make it into something, and at €3m it should be in very good condition IMO.

I’ve been lucky enough to be in this house a few times for parties and bbqs. Honestly, if I had the money… you can see Wexford! :slight_smile:
Last time I was there it was in excellent condition.

Price increased from €3m to €4m!!!

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I particularly enjoyed this (-advert-) article.

‘Sam continues the pitch: “The architecture is timeless, the views are unmatched and its gardens are made up of lots of little warrens which are perfect for a family of children to grow up in”…If you’re a wealthy overseas based retiree looking for something special to return to in Dublin, you’d better move fast – or Sam might just add another million.’

Wanted: geriatric with young children and four or five million quid.

Let agreed at 3200 monthly: daft.ie/lettings/windgate-wi … n/1403167/
At that price I’d be tempted myself if I could find someone to rent my gaff.

I think the pricing of Windgate House is delusional - in the extreme.

Nearby Carrick House, Old Carrickbrack Road, Bailey in Howth went for 2.050m at end of 2014 (after being on for a while).
Carrick House had almost 3 acres, similar views (although no balconies), and 4,000 sq ft. of period house (in lovely style)

Windgate House, Windgate Road in Howth is on a nearby 1.4 acre site, with 5,000 sq ft. of 1930s art deco house for 4m ?!?!
Usual quality article by the storm trooper of spin - Mark Keenan - in the Independent Property Section.

I share earlier comments re this style of house, however, very old art deco houses (as this is) are real heart breakers.
The layout (windows, room structures, balconies, ceiling heights etc.) are from a vastly different era.
What could be constructed back then, was a lot more limited to what modern materials and techniques can do today.
There are some art deco houses which can - with skill - be modernised (bigger windows, larger rooms, ceiling heights etc.).
Windgate is not one of them - its needs major work (substantial demolishing), to get a house worthy of +4m (or even 3m).
For 3m, (or even 2m), you could buy an amazing 1 acre site in Howth (and they would bite your hand off for it).

I remember the summer 2013 auction of Paddock Wood in Killiney for 4m.
Paddock Wood was a same sized site to Windgate House and with even better views, except:

  1. It was in the more desirable Killiney - there have been +7 houses sold in Killiney for c. 3m and above since 2010, but none in Howth (not even one over 2.5m !).
  2. It was a 10,000 sq ft. brand new hyper-modern structure on it (which had issues) but cost over 3.5m to build (gasp !).

The rental of Windgate says it all - c. 3k per month in itself shows how over priced Windgate House is. There are houses renting in Killiney / Dalkey for 4.5-5.5k per month that would never dream of getting 4m valuation, but their rents are solid. The Killiney/Dalkey houses - trying - to get +3m valuations are renting for 7.5k per month.

The true price of Windgate is something around 2.5m mark (and would still take time to sell).

Dublin EAs live in the hope that rich Russian / Chinese / Arab people will come to our fair city and buy like they do in London or Paris. They hope that parts of Dublin which the Irish rich (for those that are left) do not value as highly (i.e. Howth vs. Killiney/Dalkey), would be more attractively valued by foreign buyers, with no feel for the city.

The problem is that Dublin in not London or Paris (don’t think I need to expand on this), and for their holiday homes outside London and Paris, they have discovered the attractiveness of a thing called “sun”, which they can find in unlimited quantities in South of France, Spain and Portugal. Remember that era in the early 1990s when Jim Kerr, Damon Hill etc. set up in Killiney/Dalkey for the tax breaks. Well, most of them left when they discovered that it rains in Ireland and you can get the same tax deals in Portugal and others sunny locations.

Even Eddie Irvine has also left (in fact I think never really stayed) and ten years on, is still trying to sell his pad in Dalkey, Ischia (thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=64398). He is also asking a delusional 4m but at least his pad is almost new with and indoor/outdoor swimming pool etc. and is in a richer part of Dublin.

Windgate House, is sadly not.

Price cut to €3.35m

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ty/2756366

Been reading it as “Would I Want?” in my head for years now! XX

About time the price dropped…still away to go to attract a buyer

Buy for €3,350,000 or rent for €3,100 per month. Hmmmm…

daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-re … n-1618340/

But rent is dead money, remember.

Another price drop to 2.8m.

Pricing getting more rational from earlier asking.
(not fully sure it will go at this price, but probably c. 2.5m will do it).

Makes you wonder what really happened with Carnalea on Thormanby Road (aka Rosbeg Carrickbrack Road) Howth. :angry:
(which Windgate looks directly down on, and has the same sized site) ??
(it is not usual to chop half a million off asking, when neighbors house smashes all records) ??
(Finnegan Menton knows something about the Carnalea transaction, and why it is not reliable ) ??

Getting to the endgame of Windgate now with the arrival of neighboring Horizons asking only … 1.8m.
(plus tennis court thrown in).

Horizons, Windgate Road, The Baily, Howth, Co Dublin
€1,800,000 - 5 Bed Detached House 418.1 m² / 4500 ft² For Sale (1 acre)

And Horizons is on with Sherry Fitzgerald (largest EA in Dublin high-end).
(and another question mark over the repeatability of the Carnalea sale)

Windgate in Howth moved to P.O.A now.

P.O.A is the final move from a strategy that pre-dates the Internet. It is when an EA would try to clear up and scrub out a mis-pricing trail, to get some one-on-one time with bidders on location, and try and re-work things from there.

Unfortunately, Windgate’s pricing horror show is there for all to see:

Irish Times Sept 2013 - Second wind for €3m Howth hilltop haven.

Asking 3m was a big stretch in late 2013 in this area, when some other equally desirable Howth properties were even struggling at the 2m mark. It should have gone up for 2.5m (max) and dug in for the long haul (or prepare to accept less).

Irish Independent April 2014 - The one-million mark-up to €4m.

When even Mark Keenan is a bit taken aback at your pricing strategy, you know that you are on to a looser. The sultan of spin (i.e. Mr “Snapped Up”) still produced the copy (Mark will say anything for an EA), but many others were gasping.

The Sunday Times Nov 2015 - Peak Art Deco.

This was where you realised it was the EA who led the price increase to 4m (and not the client). Telling the Dublin market that a high-end Dublin house - located well outside of D4/D6 - had a peak boom valuation of 6m, automatically condemns it to a 2.0-2.5m valuation (as Lisney learned with Hillside in Foxrock thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?p=848783, which actually sold for well in excess of 6m in at peak, but has recently gone for about 2m). No high-end Dublin EA would submit such copy to a paper that contained such a pricing flaw.

I suspect that this will de-list and re-appear later for 2.45m (i.e. little margin below 2.5m) with another EA. I also suspect that we will see more material re-pricings of other high-end Howth askings.