WIW Windsor Avenue, Fairview

Any thoughts on this property?

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I posted a few months about another house on that road (number 44: irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.1730717), which attracted a lot of interest and went sale agreed at €420k, only to appear on the register at €403k, I believe something was thrown up in the survey. That house was better presented and was pretty much in walk-in condition, excepting it also had a ‘G’ BER rating. The other differences would be number 34 has an inferior kitchen extension (small enough and pokey, no space for a table, whereas number 44 had a bigger extension. Both houses’ kitchen extensions, if that’s what they are, off the rear reception room, seem many decades old) but has a 2nd extension off the rear reception room, into a downstairs WC/shower, which is nice.

Also, number 34 had a side entrance, which would be extremely handy for bins, bikes, etc… though the concrete back yard is not level and as such probably needs work.

The rear doors and windows are double glazed, with the front windows very old looking single glazed. The boiler is in the kitchen and seems pretty old too. Upstairs bathroom is new and fairly nice. Nice wooden floors, but some horrible old lino on the stairs and hall. Tiny hatch to attic above landing, which would make using it for storage a real pain unless it is widened somehow. Despite all this it seems fairly liveable at present, though I guess getting those windows sorted and a new kitchen would be the new owners’ top priority.

Would anyone be able to offer an opinion on worth in the current market?

Not sure on value yet, looking to arrange a viewing I rang the EA 8 or 9 times over the course of the day, no answer at all, very poor reflection on them and their service.

Overlooked at the back by the school. Small rooms. Fairly sure I spotted this on something last year at a much lower price.

I’d say 410 and upwards. Government has pretty much sanctioned restricted supply for the next three years.

This house was on the market last year in the same condition for about 100k less. Seems like a complete rip-off at this price.