Woman settles action against AIB over ‘bad advice’

Any chance the rest of us could take an action against AIB on the basis of the bad advice they passed off on the two Brians in the past 2 years

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Woman settles action against AIB over ‘bad advice’
January 20th, 20110 Comments
inShare.0A Co. Cork woman has settled a High Court action against AIB in which she had claimed the bad advice from the bank resulted in her losing €60,000 in an investment.

Hospital Housekeeper Doreen Rock of Ballinora in Waterfall says she was persuaded to put her savings in a bond scheme.

She said she had made it clear to the bank that she wanted a risk free investment.

The terms of the settlement today have not been disclosed.

There have been a few of these cases now, and as far as I can tell in each instance the customer requested a risk free investment and was sold anything but. For example, if I recall correctly the couple who won a case a few months ago about shares in AIB they were sold (was it €200,000 worth?) after they asked the bank for a risk-free product.

I don’t think that specific scenario would apply to many people, nor to (pretty much) anybody who bought a house unwisely.