Woodstock, 2 Blackheath Grove, Clontarf. Then and now.

June 1999.

independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 05958.html

Now. Asking €1,590,000
Seriously BlingTastic

WTF !!! It looks like you’d freeze to death in that place…no walking around in the j’s fluid thats for sure.

£750,000 in 1999 is €1,318,312 in end of 2009 euro according to Anthony kelly’s inflation calculator.
Not there yet.

In Irish residential property currency £750,000 in 1999 is £750,000 in 2010.

Tastefully decorated by Peter Stringfellow, cheers!!


Julius Caesar alive and well living in Clontarf.

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How could anyone “PIMP” a house like this ?..This is truly the most awful house I have ever seen, words cannot discribe it thankfully we can see it in all its hidiousness… You would have to gut every room, the bad taste even manages to seep out to the garden. Who was the decorator ? what nutter is going to spend hard earned cash on this mess ?..I feel ill … take it away please ! :sick: :sick:

disgusting decor. the ea must be embarassed showing it around. artwork consists of nothin but knockers and bare arses.

offer 320k eur.

In parts it kinda reminds me of Henry Hill’s love-nest in Goodfellas - you know where he installed Janet Rossi.

EXACTLY. Would I be giving too much away if I corrected you to say the name is Janice Rossi.
I kinda like it. :blush:

have always been baffled as to why Clontarf has attracted such a premium. Couple a nice roads, Howth rd, castle avenue etc but thats it. It doesnt even heve a village centre really. Youd swear listening to some people that its Kensington. Its a stones throw from Fairview for gods sake!

A triumph of money over taste!

Looks like it was designed by a blind person on crack possibly from the hip hop community. Legend.

Hard flooring in a cold climate. It says a hell of a lot about the groupthink among Irish home owners, prospective owners and flippers in the last decade that this wholly inappropriate fad (for Ireland, not LA or Miami) took off.

I remember a few Spanish friends in Barcelona and Valencia telling me before that the tiled floors are there for a reason (hence the ceramic industry in that region), and when it gets chilly in winter they roll out a rug here and there

Stone floors are common in lots of northern countries. If it has a decent UFH system the entire floor acts as a storage heater.