Word to the wise. Prospective Emigrants beware!

Motor Taxation office won’t refund your road tax.
It appears that emigration is not a valid reason for Road tax refund.
So if you think you’ll take the jump in the next year then when renewing your road tax renew for only 3 months at a time.

They’re refusing a refund to me. Garda stamped form RF120 is not enough.

irishstatutebook.ie/1992/en/ … 85y1992a13

Thanks for that advice, Dipole - good luck with the emmigration thing.

Best of luck with any future move Dipole.

While I’m not planning to move myself, I have been taxing my car on a quarter to quarter basis for the last number of years, for two reasons,

a) the money’s better in my account and
b) I’m not inclined to give too much to the government in one go.

Blue Horseshoe

If you are going away for a known limited period - keep the old Car Insurance and maintenance of the NCB in mind.
I knew a guy back in the late eighties who went of to the USA for two years work.
He sold his car prior to leaving but bought a wreck of a banger and transferred his insurance as third party/fire/theft only to this.
Parked in his parents place and they renewed the insurance when due.
Back to home - he bought himself a more roadworthy vehicle and transferred the insurance with upgrade to Full Comp.
NCB and Insurance Continuity Intact.

I cancelled my car insurance - but didn’t ask for refund to keep my NCB; the credit is sitting in my account (I had to ‘renew’ it twice - which entailed adding money - the rate for slightly flash cars seems to have increased despite my advncing years)

saves the depreciation and having my parents’ driveway looking like a scrapyard :smiley:

I don’t have an NCB to protect thanks to a small claim made on my car which turned in to a big claim thanks to a fraudulent claim from the guy I bumped in to. Both I and Insurnace Co. knew it was a fraudulent claim and he had prior history but they preferred to give him 7K and let me loose my NCB so I’ll be returning my insurance cert to get a few hundred quid back.

I can see why you’re browned off with Ireland. I knew a nice, respectable girl from ‘down home’ who similarly tried to screw someone who happened to be a colleague of mine.

well if it helps restore your faith in humanity I also had a small tip that became fair sized as the ‘tipee’ was driving a classic car; however he was an absolute gentleman about it. Fortunately I had NCB protection.

Can you sell your car on with the tax included and transfer the disc?

yes. Unlikely you’ll get the buyer to pay full amount extra tho’

Sounds overly complex, I’d just get the reg number of a small engine capacity easy to insure car, and take out a policy on it. No need to actually tie up money and driveway space with a actual car that you don’t want, need or will even use.

… this happened to me TWICE over 15 years - both ‘whiplash’ claims for very mild dodgem type bumps - first one - the damage to the car was about 200 euros worth (mild wing damage only)… on a VERY slow slide in ice into a parked car … man claimed a total of 32000 YES 32000… (that was back in about 1997/8)… I complained but the insurance just sighed and said some people felt they had whiplash and they couldn’t prove otherwise. Second time, similar type of damage (car ran into me as I was turning… but it was my fault)… he was totally fine… but as a TAXI driver, he managed to fleece them for 16000 injuries … as he claimed a pre-existing back problem which was exacerbated by the whiplash inducing dodgem bump.

It makes me so angry that nobody stops this scam claiming. We all end up paying for it in the end… hmmm… that reminds me of another current situation… GRRRRRrrrrrr :imp:

A childhood friend of mine got so good at that scam that he amassed enough dosh to buy a plot of land and build a house on it in rural Ireland. He sold the property in 2007 and bought a large farm in France.

It sounds to me like these guys were entrepreneurs, in the true Irish sense of the word. Instead of begrugging their success we should be admiring and ecouraging such ingenuity 8)

A NCB is valid for two years between insurances. Have gone single family car for a while before and checked it out then.

We already did that … they were called FF :sick: :smiley: