Work in the Future..


I think this is an interesting historical article about life and expectations thereof in a very different age: … 42820.html
I’d also recommend a book called “how to get by on 5 dinarii a day in ancient Rome”.


I reckon Men’s clothes are tougher than women’s. My wife buys something once a week from Penny’s, and it may never be worn, or if worn, not for very long (There’s a fairly sizeable collection of shoes and bags, and a high percentage of those are never used). It’s usually unloved quicker than it’s worn out, so making it more robust makes little sense from the manufacturers perspective. I tend to wear stuff out, even if I try to stay reasonably fashionable. I usually buy something once a month, but I spend quite a bit more than herself.

Two suits I had made up in Thailand in 2005, perfect. A Banana Republic coat from four years ago, fine (pity I don’t have a Property Pin brand to go with it :wink:). Magee trousers still grand after two years. I still have a few shirts from more than five years ago.

The pattern of destruction is jumpers/coats/jackets losing shape. Trousers getting frayed around pockets/ankles. Shirt collars/cuff’s wearing out. Shoes getting too scuffed, or the soles getting loose. Two pairs of Aldo shoes were unwearable after six months so I’ll never buy anything from them again. The secret is not to keep wearing clothes day in/day out, and you’ll usually get a couple of years from them.


Healthcare involves lots more occupations and options than just being a doctor. Presumably some of them are better than others re work-life balance. In terms of a future-proof occupation, I would have thought one can predict with 99.9% certainty that people in the future will a) get sick and die and b) not want to get sick and die.

On the less work/more work debate, the crucial thing I think is to avoid boredom. If working much less and living frugally and slowly is your thing, great. If you get a kick out of working and can find a career that is varied enough not to loose the will to live after 20 years, nothing wrong with ‘living to work’. I have been able to deal ok with overwork, stress, chaos, low morale and some fairly borderline lunatic work colleagues over the years, but boredom kills me. Hence why any time I try to do the ‘I am sick of being Mrs. Dedicated, time to kick back, walk out of the office at five and stop taking on too much work and too much responsibility’ rant, my OH starts looking extremely alarmed.


Just to follow on this point


There won’t be any work in the future, fortunately.


Not so. According to MS it will be like this

Just buy W8.