Work permits expansion


Work permit changes to alleviate shortages in sectors

Would it not be prudent to halt extra migration until the housing crisis is over, except for construction workers?

Are these people really needed? Would wages rise without them?


We are supposed to be in a European Union of 300 million odd people. Some countries with very high youth unemployment rates.
This is yet more evidence that Fine Gael are trying anything to drive down wages, ramp rents and dilute the indigenous population. Where is the political mandate to bring in chefs from Asia and taxi drivers from Pakistan. Where was this agreed with the people in a democratic vote? Indeed changes of this magnitude would warrant a decade of debate and elections, because once here, there is sure as hell no way to invite these folk to leave again.

What happens during the next downturn, and wave of migration out of Dublin airport - ask yourself these questions. Grossly irresponsible Government. I practically yearn for the days of FF at this stage.:nauseated_face:


Diversities children.


Hospitality sector has never really grasped the concept of employees operating in a free labour market, the whining about staff shortages has been pervasive for years. I worked in a hotel once upon a time and the pay and conditions are atrocious with no excuse for it. This is simply suppressing wages, nothing else, and we wonder why we don’t have inflation ?


true - split shifts and crappy work practices.