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Didn’t know that cheers. I got hit under the DC levy/theft.


Joan Burton is a dangerous woman. She thinks in the manner only a gombeen politician can think. … 04324.html

#523 … 56018.html

The pension levy has been a great success… at least for the Government that raided it.
With the improvement in market performance you investment in your future is netting the Government more than originally expected.


I was in my local shop earlier and was laughing away reading the contrasting Irish Times v Examiner headlines

Cuts to State pension ‘must be considered’

Joan Burton bids to use USC to boost pensions


Or they are too busy trying to feed their dependents to even think about trying to change things via politics.


900,000 workers with no pension? What will the next moves by government be in the coming years?
Mortgage free and off the grid to cut out as many bills as possible is the only pension you could rely on as things stand for those retiring in 20-30 yrs time.


A Farewell to Pensions - -> … -pensions/


Interesting article


I can accept that there are bulls & bears when it comes to property, but is there anyone out there in *pinland *that can show me any plausible scenario where the pension time bomb ends with a fizzle and not a bang ?


Mr A…it only ends that way if Irelamd happens to be alone in making no provisions for the future.


Given the timelines involved, it’s possible that the problems due to large numbers of people will be out of work due to automation will happen and be resolved first, which would as a side effect make the whole pension thing moot. This may cause an even bigger bang though :slight_smile:


Lucinda’s new party de-cloaks after gaining power and reveals itself to be old-skool Catholic dogmatist. Every-sperm-is-sacred is adopted as new national anthem and birth rates go through the roof.

Massive families provide labour for post-oil agrarian economy. Working age unemployment disappears as people realise it was just a side effect of cheap energy.

Referendum amendment to turn unproductive old people into fertiliser passes after Lucinda sits out campaign declaring it to be an issue of conscience.

Oh wait, plausible


In a worst case scenario(50 years+), that may be a lot closer to the truth than we could ever imagine, but I’ll be long gone by then.


Waterford Crystal pensions deal to cost exchequer €180 million - -> … -1.2031825

Pension thievery has become the Government’s new norm - James Fitzsimons -> … 80158.html

If the current ratio of 5 to 1 is not working, imagine the productivity improvements needed to support you when your children begin working?


It’s here and now, have a look worldwide, here are a few trends . . . . besides the “problem” resolves itself over a period of 20 to 30 years. The situation in Ireland is more complex due to the various generational migration cycles over the lifespan of the state meaning we are out of step with most western economies, ours begins to bite circa 2020 whereas the Post WWII generation elsewhere started to retire in 2008.

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Except it’s just private sector defined contribution pension holders who are having to stump up. The fair thing to do would have been to include this charge in PRSI - so the cost was distrubited accross all tax payers, not just some of them. It’s far less politically damaging though to rob pension however.


Yep tapping up private sector defined contribution pension holders for a scheme they can never benefit from - only in Ireland.


Government set to approve ‘universal pension saving scheme’ - -> … 90623.html


On one hand I think about effing time while on the other I can’t but think it’s just a way of having a bigger pot to dip into come the next crisis.


The interesting thing in that article is Burton is in favour of