Work until 70 - Poll added


Oh dear - i’d imagine the only only thing he knows about pensions is that his own will be jumbo sized.


I’d have stored this story for a week or two before the elections.


As it turns out, the appointment was never advertised and didn’t go through PAS. Surely some mistake as I’m sure Begg could have beaten all comers in a fair contest. … g-ireland/


Jobs for the boys :sick:


On radio this AM, Begg said that if the job was advertised he would not have gone for it. But as he was personally asked by the Tanaiste no less, he couldn’t say no


If the job was advertised and they received a dozen CVs which better fit the job description which is not an unreasonable expectation then Joan couldn’t have justifiably appointed him.

Joan has fashioned the stick with which she is being beaten and it is understandable that Begg or anyone would take a paid sinecure with great networking potential; can’t blame him for that.


Will he seek some training this time out?


I’m hoping that what I have highlighted in Bold is sarcasm of the most serene September variety!
Or are you really meaning that? :frowning:


How could I be sarcastic about David Begg’s skills? He didn’t even need any training to be on the board of the Central Bank.


Howlin claims only Ross has problem with Begg appointment … -1.2502103

What a dildo.


Probably the only person he’s asked who has a problem

I’m glad we’ve the “new politics” promised by this govt XX

Looks like I’m spoiling in GE 2016 so XD


Alex White Labour TD on the radio this AM said he couldn’t think of anyone more suitable to this role than Begg, what with all this expertise.
Howlin is also going on about Beggs expertise and experience.
And I just heard former Labour spin doctor Fergus Finlay say Begg is perfect for the role.

What expertise? What experience of pensions?
Does past performance count for nothing??? This man was on the Board of the Central Bank during the crash. He was 1 of the main movers behind Benchmarking.
And not 1 so-called Journalist can throw basic points at the people who are telling the Nation how brilliant Beggs is. F off


On his Morning Ireland interview Begg claimed he was experienced as he helped negotiate the pension deal for ex Waterford Glass workers.

The deal for Waterford was a transfer of assets from other peoples pension funds to the Waterford.

There is ideological resistance amongst the people who consider themselves the Irish elite against defined contribution pensions. The increasing prevalence of DC weakens the case for their tax funded DB schemes.

It would not be a surprise if we now have a pension chairman who will try to make it more difficult to retire if you’re a DC pension owner.

Incidentally the second last pension chairman was Tiernan O’Mahoney, ex of Anglo, now of Mountjoy jail. The role has a chequered history already.


Well now that banks are under scrutiny the next soft target has to be pensions.


how are pensions a soft target , successive goverments have completely ignored the pension time bomb


I think you’ve misunderstood catbears post - soft target for the likes of beggs to sit on boards etc


Anyone have any solutions? Seems like it requires huge societal/political change or individual plans (i.e pay off mortgage and go off grid - may not be possible for all - far better being rural for this)
Some things are seen long time in advance. This is one of them. Anyone care to summarise the most likely scenario


Also, if men die x years earlier than women should men be allowed to retire x years earlier provided they have paid for it?


It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!

The journalists were especially silent with regard to Michael Fingleton, because they were getting mortgages from him, and to this day some of them still defend him. I don’t think too many NUJ members are going to criticise David Begg, especially when the organisations they work for are burning through cash and their pension funds are being closed.


Has to be a combination of solutions. I’d suggest:

  • More tax revenue needs to go into the pension pot now (either increased taxes or cuts elsewhere).
  • Pension needs to be cut.
  • (My preference) A major focus on decreasing living costs for everyone.
  • Social housing needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.
  • People need to be strongly encouraged to put money aside for private pensions (and government needs to keep their fat hands out of the pot as well!)