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I don’t really get what he problem is. From the article:

Is her problem that if she will have nothing left over after they sell the house? Why doesn’t she rent it out?


so … -1.2507514

Gerry Adams falsly accused Joe McHugh of doing the same

of curse Adams wasn’t man enough to issue a normal apology - the snake had to make it in Irish despite not being remotely fluent himself… Why???


Don’t forget the rest of the clarification.

Looks to me like Gerry Adams is well able to speak the First Language of Dáil Eireann, and I’m fairly sure he speaks it on a daily basis.

With regards the Irish language, I find it interesting that Fine Gael hate it so much. Their attitude reminds me of Gregory Campbell of the DUP. Lots of Fine Gael attitudes remind me of the DUP actually…


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have you ever heard Jurrah try to speak Irish without a script prepared by a Shinner staff member? if you think that’s fluent then you’re clearly monolingual also. If he’s so fluent why wasn’t the original charge as Gaeilge? He only speaks it when it gives him political advantage. Why is that?

FG hate Irish? :laughing: Why is that now? (say what you like about Kenny but speaks Irish pretty well…) You’re projecting there - or is it deflecting ! Or can you only big yourself up by putting others down?

Just because Adams has a shnakey, duplicitous attitude to Irish doesn’t mean anyone who calls him out on it hates Irish.

He used Irish as a political prophylactic because he wasn’t man enough to apologise in the same language as he made the original charge - that doesn’t show love - that shows a cynical attitude. A bit like you saying “we in SF love Irish so we do, and anyone who calls out our lies and hates Irish”. It’s the stuff of ultra-nationalist bigots all over the world

It also shows that GA reckons very few people understand Irish. People who care about Irish find that sad

It’s a real shame to policitise the language like you and the Shinners are doing


is this a wind up?


Sadly I fear not. This is just so stupid it’s beyond comprehension, the logical way to achieve this is through the property tax but our ruling kleptocrats think nothing of using taxpayers money to buy a few votes.


This is pure cringe …its up there with …I’m an adult get me outa here and those creepy BOI ads for equity release …this fecking country tinkering around the edges…pure messing


“Valuable housing” according to NAMA and the government

Well how about they:

  • stop selling to REITs
  • build
  • tell developers to build on zoned land or lose it
  • etc etc

I love when the government and its various bodies appear to refer to issues that they control as if it’s somebody else’s responsibility


Yup valid solutions…you know it and the decisions makers know it …but there will never be any will to implement them …most people have their net worth tied up in property …Bacon report 2001 is all you need to know …soon as prices started to cool …It was quickly reversed …nothing has changed.

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“The average retirement income is €5,625 per annum” …best of luck with that…even added to the state pension …this will be the first generation to lement increased life expectancy …even if you do successfully downsize and trouser 100K your kids wont want you living too long either …spending all their lovely inheritance on baked beans and repair bills. … :laughing:

ps…since when is a pension considered a “rainy day fund”

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FF actually wants to increase the state pension by €30 to €262 with an extra annual cost of €927m.


Even when unemployment topped out at 15.1% the total cost of Jobseekers Allowance and Benefit combined did not rise as high as the Pensions costs. Ah sure why not add to that already increasing cost


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Don’t panic, I’m sure Beggy has it all under control :angry:


Problems pile up for US public pensions … z435UpyPjx


How safe is your State pension? Five ways the benefit may be cut

With the number of over-65s in Ireland projected to increase from 570,000 to 855,000 in the coming decade, the pension time bomb is ticking … -1.2597941


Good article. Although I’m just glad to see the topic feature in any article.

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Nice article.

BHS has only itself to blame for its pension troubles … -troubles/


It’s very easy to do this when your organisation is in the unique position of being able to print money.