Work until 72

Will you be able to physically and or mentally work until 70?

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Pay into those PRSAs people, the government pension will be worth diddly squat by the time we retire!

Sinking ship whizzbang, sinking ship. What makes you think you will be able to retire?

I don’t think it will matter how much of a pension you have, so long as it is more than most other people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Given that so many are seeing property as their pension these days I can imagine a fully funded PRSA will be a big help!

IF and its looking likely so IF 40% of the population are over 50 by 2036,
most people can just forget about retiring “young”.

They’ll be carrying me outta here in a pine box… :confused:

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The Sunday business post reported that Michael Martin is considering raising the retirement age, it will be a voluntary thing of course! Sure wasnt there a report saying how ageist it was having a limit! Anyway itll help those 40 year mortgagees!!

Oh and it also reported a current shortfall on 50,000 pensions - did anyone else see this?

Irish investors alone could enrich the nation massively by getting into gold.

The entire yearly gold production of the planet can be bought for about €40 billion at to day’s price.

If it’s all bought up en masse, numerous jewellers and electronics firms wil have a stark choice: shut down operations and declare bankruptcy, or pay the higher price.

The profits being missed out on by failing to take this open goal are quite staggering. People are still dumping money into the Apple and Google black holes.

Full disclosure: I bought gold last year and am stunned by the lack of appreciation since then.

On top of everything else, gold is tax-free in Europe. No CGT or VAT.

Blindjustice BATONEFFECT wrote

Basically house prices increased in value over the past 10 years, even though we have the lowest ratio of people to land in the EU. The increase came because there was no upper limit to what Banks etc could lend out; the only restriction on the pace of lending was how fast houses could be built. They could not build houses quick enough, so the price went up.

You see, Banks could bundle together hundreds of mortgages under one product and sell them off for a billion or two to pension, hedge funds(high net worth individuals) etc. This has happened at least to the tune of €50Bn worth of mortgages. In a pool of €130Bn mortgages to date, this €50Bn had a more than marginal effect on prices.

This means that anybody that bought in the last five years has paid at least double the true price of their house, 2/3rds in some cases. Pro rata before that. Most of the pension funds etc that bought Irish Retail Mortgage Backed Securities are from old age Europe. So for every €1,500 monthly premium, €750 of it is a direct contribution to pensioners in Europe etc.

Our youth have been hijacked. They are now directly funding EU private pensions to the tune of half their mortgage repayments, 2/3rds in some cases… The CB has recently warned that our youth should not look for wage increases. What is Minister Martin’s solution going to be? Something like this I expect:

Whatever the benefits of timing the market in gold (or other metals), it seems strange to argue for cornering the market entirely.

Surely you’ll just end losing overall, having spent a lot to buy gold at mostly inflated prices (since you drive up the market), and thus encouraging increased production (which admittedly takes a while to kick in) which eventually competes with your expensively acquired stock, and as the price drops back, your asset loses most of the added value.

Now buying up the world’s gold producers may work (if they are available / affordable), optionally followed by the distribution networks - that way you end up somewhat similar to DeBeers in diamonds, with enough clout to control pricing overall.

You still have to do something about the secondary market, preventing your customers from buying beyond their immediate or long term needs, and thus weakening your position.

Personally, i’d go for investing in small-cap canadian gold exploration stocks, which must soon be due to see some return on their recently increased activities (if i could find a reasonable route to buying them).

Well, if any one person really did try to corner the market, he’d cause a massive stampede into the metal.

So the hypothetical cornerer could buy up 10% at roughly current prices, and let the stampede do the rest, bringing gold up far above what he paid for it.

So whether or not he succeeds in cornering, he’ll probably wind up doubling his money.

It’s wide open for any entity with the means.

Such as ooooh, I don’t know, a consortium of Irish pension savers

Sunday Times

From the Sunday Business post

lads this thread is starting to spook me


I guess your comments are not meant for all eyes!

You should be spooked. Have you noticed in the last couple of budgets, that pensioners have received bumper increases for their retirements? You must ask, if there’s a looming pensions crisis, how can Bertie and the lads afford to give money, hand-over-fist? It’s cheap and easy to implement; and is a huge vote winner. Our young population is so large, that we can easily afford to give the auld fogey’s a few extra bob.