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Facebook to allow remote working outside Ireland

I can see others following FB’s lead here. I have heard from friends that for some niche languages it has become extremely difficult to entice workers to Dublin.

I would imagine there will be quite a lot of people applying for this


First big players to allow that. Many non Irish would jump from other employers for a sweet deal like that. Irish higher wages with lower cost abroad? Happy days!

Tax residency implications are real though. You need to be in the country more than half the year so not sure what they plan there


I expect Facebook will see this as an opportunity to reduce the wage bill, if you’re living in Latvia for example, they can pay you the Latvian going rate for that role.


This. And the tax code.


Most employment contracts state which legal jurisdiction is applicable, IIRC. If an employee is moving to a different jurisdiction then contract renegotiation is in scope IMO and a local ‘market rate’ adjustment will happen.

Plenty of people will seek to game this though, if you are working fully remotely in Ireland then spending 11 months of the year in Alicante with the odd trip home to maintain bank accounts etc shouldn’t be too hard.


It was so worth it selling out to the Gods of Tech, and allowing the likes of Facebook to interfere in constitutional referenda. It’s worked out well for Ireland hasn’t it.

More long term strategic thinking from Gombeenville


My guess is that FB will move you to a local entity (with associated wages). It seems that it is for 7 countries only (including Mid East and Africa) so it might not be that attractive to many who would have wanted to return home. One thing I would wager is that this will lead to others offering the same though.


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