World Recession until 2018 ? … 18uo2.html

Bloody international factors .

Can we pin this on Patrick Neary?

Personally I blame **Bertie Ahern **for most if not all of our troubles (and I’m not wrong).

Neither am I. I fingered him too when the Father-in-law asked me who I thought was most to blame. He was a bit shocked. People tend to blame the here-and-now and forget about the causes…

What pains me is when I hear somebody ask something like “how did it all go so wrong so quickly” and I try to explain it didn’t go wrong quickly - we’ve been getting to we-are-where-we-are for more than a decade.

Aiy. We were where we were but were heading where we were heading long enough. And now we are where we are. Although I don’t know where we are really, because fucked can be any number of places. Then again Ireland is different and I suppose possess the godlike ability of omnipresence.

We are up the creek, off the cliff, round the corner, going forward, back to 2006, 2002, the 1980’s, somewhere between the UK and the US, in a filing cabinet in Brussels and at Number 13 Fucked Street.

And lets not forget about Charlie McCreevy either.

Funnily enough, he was second on my list to the FIL. Again to his amazement.

That’s a bit like someone thinking everything is fine while their arteries clog slowly over years and then suddenly everything goes wrong.

Out of interest, who did your FIL blame?

And where was Lehmans on the list? :nin :laughing:

Bankers/regulators/current FF government… the specifics I lost as I started to rant and froth at the mouth…

Somewhere near the moving statues…

Neary, Ahern and McCreevy to blame for the global recession? Are we not leaving somebody out here? What about the builders and Hurley? Didn’t they cause the credit binge in the US and UK?

The seeds of this mess go back way further than 2006, 2002, 1997, look at the crop of developers and when they started out, who they backed and who the players were then. The land banking and cozy brown envelope deals started in the sixties but matured nicely in the late seventies. All the current crap dates back to then when Haughey built his powerbase and young turks like Seanie and Fingers were building a name for themselves in the background. Everything we bitch and moan about here from the gombeenism to the corruption dates way back. The dynamic before that was an older type of protectionism and corruption but this waned into the sixties and seventies being replaced by an all giving FF.

2018? Is the football world cup in Russia going to signal the end of the recession. ??

There was always a problem with a stroke culture in Ireland . I worked for a company in North Dublin in the 80’s which had some big government contracts . I personly withnessed browne envelopes along with a commissioned piece of art being handed over to a small fat man in front of about 100 people including the media when he came to open a new extension .

Years later I was watching the news and there was my former boss and some directers walking out of a tribunal all smiles .

I remember at around the time of the SSAI closing date . Some money guy was asked on TV if it was a good thing . His response was something like ’ We have looked at this from all angles and we can’t find a catch , It is basically free money from the government . However there is no such thing as free money from the government but as there is no catch whhich we can find , I would advise people to sign up ’
He looked completly unsure of himself , like the catch was staring right at him and he was missing it .

I was recently explaining the SSAI to a Australian economist and his response was " Jesus , a stimulas on steroids into a overheating economy , no wonder it is fucked "

Bertie Ahern the politician that bought everyone off definitely carries the lions share of the blame for current outcome, but, he is only the latest culmination of a pyramid of corruption that goes back decades.

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+1 absolutley. Ireland didn’t acquire external debts of 1.73 trillion overnight. This place needs some in-depth forsenic accounting going right back.

I don’t believe we are fucked if we chose not to be fucked.
This country does have the option of making a choice if presented to them.
That will ultimatley be the deciding factor of whether we are fucked.