World resources, Demographics and Thomas Malthus :D

Was Malthus right in theory even if his figures were incorrect?
Parallels with Mc Williams :smiley: but on a larger timescale :smiley::D:D

No, Malthus was wrong.

His decomposed corpse is exhumed every time commodity prices begin to rise again. Last confirmed sighting was in the late 1970s.

Unfortunately there is much economics in Malthus work, just suspect maths.

No doubt about that.

A downsizing of prodigal lifestyles will suffice for a while but eventually the growth of the poulation will have to be controlled.
There will have to be questions about restricting conception, pregnancy and birth, to avoid a global population catastrophe.
If birth is rationed, who will be allowed to reproduce, and who will decide? What effect will this have on the many women who will not be allowed to have children?

Why are people talking about limiting birthrates. I thought the whole problem was declining populations.

Globally the real problem is increasing populations due to a combination of dramatically reduced infant mortality on the one hand and the fact that people are living longer on the other hand.
Eventually people reaching 100 years of age will be common place and the next milestone will be 150 years.

the problem with birth rates is in the first world, where getting things like an education are a given. the third world on the other hand has loads of birth, all born into the same poverty as the generation before them.

Then there is China, first world economy with a second world standard of living and there people can only have one child, because people prefer boys there will be a shortgage of girls some day.

anyways, the first world has all these aging baby boomers and not enough childern coming up behind them to support them into retirement so thats the main issue with the whole thing.

How pictures of Saddam Hussein being hanged helps sell mortgages, I do not know. It’s not us on the pin you need to attract business from – it’s the stupid proles in shopping centres on Saturdays who you should be targeting.

Karl Deeter’s latest insight… Also, is there nobody in the office there that can proof-read an article?

Ignore him Karl …

the stream of consiousness style is cool man…

very Denis Hopper… very Hunter S … very Timothy Leary…

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There are a few interesting talks on about population, fertility and
poverty and where it’s all going.

Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you’ve ever seen

New insights on poverty and life around the world

Why squatter cities are a good thing

More demographic problems.
And the tearing down of empty apartment blocks in the EAST…

That video portrays population decrease as bad. All the mainstream media are inserting their own opinions into stories on demographics. Why dont they mention the positive aspects? People in those cities have a great choice of places to live. And rents are very low, about 50% less than youd pay here in Ireland. Leaving more money for people to spend and enjoy their lives.

Population decrease is good. Dont let some moron arts graduate working for the BBC tell you how to think about this issue.

Even with technological innovation I wonder how the standard of living worldwide would be affected by a population increase to 9.2 billion