Worldspreads....seemingly just another Custom House Capital. … 29738.html

An then a few days later, poof, there was no money. … Foley.html

Genius. ‘Evaporating’ segented client funds, pure genius.

There’s no nothing now. Not even money to pay the receivers. :frowning:

Ernst & Young involved again…

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Surely each account has 80k GBP FSA protection? I would say that covers 95%+ of the accounts

or another MF Global say FT Alpha…FTAlpha probably haven’t heard of Customer House Capital :slight_smile: … y-smaller/

KPMG are the liquidators appointed by the FSA.


So between the 28th of Feb and the 16th March they effectively went from +£7m to -£13m, allegedly.

Someone will find themselves cuffed in London fairly soon…not like here. :frowning:

50k STG according to the FT; however other spread trading companies may have significant funds…

Someone has a Blog , “Worldspreadsheist”

They are off down to a meet with the Liquidators …aka the ‘Special’ Adminnistrators.

Not the sharpest tools in the box either by the looks of it. Check out their poll:

Another Financial Regulator doing a bang up job … 8DD … y-smaller/

There is quite a good thread on the trade2win forum about worldspreads. I think you might need to register to view it. … es-19.html