Worldwide: Is property boom turning to gloom?

Is property boom turning to gloom? … d=10436553

It’s interesting that we don’t make it onto the list. We seem to fit in with the descriptions of the other economies. I guess this should be a warning to anyone who thinks the EU will do anything in the case of an Irish property crash. We are too small to be of any significance to anyone! Even though we seem to be leading the property charge! Or were until recently.

What do you mean we don’t make it on the list!? It mentions “mediocre property in over-developed areas” doesn’t it? :wink:

Why was this not done in Ireland.I’m too much of a gombeen to figure that one out.

UK housing is off the boil: … 818532.ece

That’s quiet a chunky drop.
Our mortgage lending figures for Q1 and Q2 2007 are going to make v. interesting reading.

property owners = voters

that’s my guess

I am not so convinced abou tthat. Porepty owners are outnumbered by tenants. I’d hazard a gues and say its 80K:250K is the ratio.

The tenants vote is spread but the parties have never gone for it (or reached out to many other sections of society), it is a huge most disenfranchaised vote I suspect and would do well if they targeted it but a las the parties have engaged noithing of great vision or consequence in this eleciton to merit people caring.

and perception - non-property owners are wannabe property owners therefore have property owner interests ie maintain house of cards…

A significant number of tenants in this country - if we are to believe that there aer 300K people from Poland living here for example - are disenfranchised by the mere fact of not having Irish nationality.

Yea, they only pander to the POs & the WPOs.

All these proposals, especially FF are just plain nuts. I don’t want to fund more purchases of overpriced houses this increasing the downside destruction on the economy.

the whole Stamp Duty red Herring has shown once Michael McDowell single handedly managed to muddy the waters with this non-issue-issue all the parites jumped on it and it is liek a poor mans proxy for serious debate on the actual seriousness within the Irish housing market. I’ll give him that, he is a class A tool. I wouldn’t giv ehim credit for collapsing the market but I would give him credit for making sure we’d see no serious debate on the real issue at hand. I look foward to PD meltdown.

I’m very dissapointed by the greens but not surprised, so many things they could have done but they’ve become so desperate to get in they are doing what labour & FG are doing, sacrificing a strong identity for mainstream acceptance, fearful of rocking the “percieved boat” I think the elctorate would like to have seen some fireworks.

You knwo if we got jsut one more little revelation ina paper before polling day and it hit 6/1 news FF might be headed off at the crossroads. I can hope and wait but I know I’l be left waiting.

FF is like fucking westlife “more of the same” shite 12 tracks of ballads every album.

The Doom is getting Doomer!