Worldwide Quality of Life Scale - Ireland is No1!

DO you think the Quality of life in Ireland has increased or decreased since 2000?

  • Better Quality of life now than in 2000
  • Quality of life has decreased since 2000

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Now ya have it.


The reason we’re number 1, is because we’ve seemingly been able to combine a (perceived) high quality of life with economic prosperity.

I don’t think I’d agree that we’re number 1, but we’re definitely in the top of five (for the moment).

That was back in 2005, it will be interesting to see if 2010 still has a similar outcome.
My quality of life is certainly better now than 2000.

As a country we’ve been having a huge splurge on the national credit card so I’d guess that most people would have to feel a “better quality of life” nowadays. Like GB says, let’s see what it’s like in 2010.

interesting metrics.

I live 10 degrees further south than Ireland, but we get 6 months of snow :slight_smile: however the summers are awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember another post that showed Ireland being the wealthiest nation… you can make these numbers look any way you want. Eliminate the percieved wealth from what people think their property is worth, then its not so rosey in the garden.

I love the Big Mac index myself :slight_smile: yummy!

Ireland’s ahead of the Netherlands?

Yeah, right.

What part of people under 40 being forced into living 100km from their jobs seems like quality to you?

Or maybe it’s the rampant alcoholism. Or the delightful trolleys you get to know so well once aforementioned alcoholics kick you unconscious, before going on to shoot someone in an execution-style killing?

Now I realise that we’re far better off than we once were now that priests no longer have quite such an easy time literally raping us, but get real!

My first reality check would be to compare the nation’s self-reported life-satisfaction rate with the actual number of suicides per annum. Genuinely satisfied populaces are usually notable for avoiding self-slaughter. If a population is reporting high satisfaction rates, but also killing themselves in their droves, it’s probably smart to adjust those figures down a notch or two.

Its easy to think that you’ve a great quality of life if one gets the laus from Stephen’s green to Ranelagh.

fuel costs are lower in ireland due to the cheaper petrol, maybe that’s what got the other countries up in arms.

Exactly. Spot on. Even more insightful considering Ahern Suicide Comandment

One word sums up this thesis and is very apt in an Irish context; “Bollocks”