Worst cliches in interior design?

What are the worst / most common cliches in interior design?

My nomination: Pictures of Audrey Hepburn

Here are two examples from houses currently for sale in Dublin. I’m sure I’ve seen plenty others.

daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-sa … in-1119921

daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-sa … in-1101016

I know it’s not technically “interior” design, but those plastic “wicker” (plwicker?) garden chairs really piss me off.


give me Audrey Hepburn over those “Keep Calm and xyz” posters or “Live, Laugh, Love” wall stickers

Taking the inside out!

I like those chairs!!! Better than green plastic ones, and they serve a purpose, unlike old audrey


Or 3d writing saying ‘Family’ on the mantlepiece.

Or anything with it’s idealised contents written on the side e.g. ‘cold drinks’, ‘bread’ etc. Only exception to this is ‘salt’ and ‘sugar’


A fridge just for cheese! How posh.

Pale walls in the sitting room and then one red wall behind the fireplace. Was a feature wall that dates the last time the place was redecorated to almost exactly 6-8 years ago.

You can imagine my relief getting to the end (so far) of this thread without giving any boxes. :smiley:

Or those letters that spell LOVE on the mantlepiece. When I see them in ads, I always think tossers whoever puts those up.

i should really show this thread to my other half

It’s still early days yet

  • TV’s mounted on the wall over a fireplace
  • Any type of ‘Bar’ (drinks type)
  • Cath Kitson anything (unfortunately my wife is obsessed with this crap)
  • Those nasty ‘leather’ couches with recliners built-in … the sort of padded / rounded style … pure DFS 2005
  • Not indoor … but Decking of any description

so true, nearly went there myself about 10 yrs ago but didn’t bother as I thought the novelty would wear off way before I’d want to be repainting the place.

These f*ing fireplaces!
They’re everywhere and I can never see how it would be possible to integrate them tastefully.

This seems to be a popular interior design feature in many inner-city Dublin gaffs from what I can see!!!

We have one in our late '60’s/early '70’s house.

I absolutely loathe it.

No one would judge you, they know you got landed with that fireplace when you moved and in and replacing the fire place is probably fairly far down the list for most purchasers

Surely a bar is fair enough, if it’s done well? Can’t be having with that analysis at all!

(Agreed on the rest of the list though)