Worst cliches in interior design?


And to think of what preceded those fireplaces, could have been a lovely georgian one!
I saw this one come up recently and they did as good a job at blending it in without knocking it… looks like they painted it all black?



More of a fail than a cliche but… a carefully wall-mounted TV with a cable trailing out of it down the wall.


Wall-mounted TVs anywhere. Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be.
Grey walls.
Those awful faux-travertine tiles that seem to be in every kitchen and/or bathroom done in the last 10 years.
Graham Knuttel paintings. Pure shifty-eyed shite.
Bad laminate flooring.


I engaged a interior designer for the renovation of our house and it was the worst mistake ever, she had worst taste than I did !!
I went along with some of her decisions against my better judgement and I HATE them now and they are either impossible to fix or would prove too costly. I just assumed she would know better than me.
I thought I was hopeless at this stuff but the much admired things are things we decided on ourselves and the ones where people find it hard to keep a straight face were hers.
I didn’t want a house that was grey of 50 shades of beige but I am beginning to think it would have been preferable to what we have now, a place where taste went to die !!!


:laughing: best observation so far.




3/5 :blush: Looks like I’ll be pleading guilty when I’m hauled up before the Nuremburg trials for crimes against subtlety. PLEASE don’t ask which three XX

To be fair a lot of stuff listed in this thread occurs due to-‘shite have to get the place in some sort of shape’
coz; we’re selling/there’ a baby on the way/we’ve got family staying for xmas etc. and you end up living with it for years :smiling_imp:


The top one is nice - although you wouldn’t want it in the living room. The bottom one is the one you find everywhere in Ireland. They ripped out cast iron ones to fit these back in the day. Who is to know what will become eternal and what will be flash in the pan

Although a modern enough cliche, Farrow & Ball Hardwicke White (a light grey) buydccondos.com/sites/default/files/John%20Matthew%20Moore%20Luxury%20DC%20Condos.jpg has gone from turning up in every second period pile to becoming the contemporary colour of choice for myhome properties/flips looking for a sellable neutral whilst staying away from magnolia

I’ve got it in my kitchen and above the stairs dado! Looks great…


One trick pony vs. if it ain’t broke. You decide.


Kitchen Islands (in the case where they are desert islands in over large kitchens or force crotch-to-crotch contact when two people need to pass through)

L-shaped couches crammed into 3-bed semis

Roll top baths and cottage-decor in same abodes

Triple glazing: simply because a vested interest came to realize the flogging of eternity-proof double-glazed PVC actually sawed the legs off it’s own industry

PVC soffit/fascia must eventually come to be viewed the same way those tiled fireplaces are viewed now

Add bonus points for the various mock-cottage moulded types of fascia board you see around. Particularly horrible when your neighbour in a semi-d hasn’t fitted it. Manky!

Staying with the exterior we have that junkie-eyed look invoked by nailing on EWI but leaving the windows where they are.

What about that stained/leaded glass panelling which has decorative flowers and the like moulded in. Especially ugly when they deviate from rectangular shape and introduce and flourishing curve along the top of the panel

Cardboard 4 panel doors, in white, with mock-wood texture

Rope-edge brass switchplates and sockets

American fridges c/w water cooler

Ice-white LEDs

Those fully clad leather dining chairs with the high curved back - especially in brown

Reproduction fireplaces - the ones where they polish off the black in places to reveal shiny metal piping

Some day folk will come to regret designing houses with no fireplace at all. Staring into a telly ain’t the same as staring into a flame, even a gas one.

Shaker style interior doors - especially in shaker-kitchen-door brown

Repro stair posts and newels. Usually crudely-proportioned vs. the originals

Rational-window orange.

…off the top of my head


in my defense it was an online order error.

Seriously folks your landing will look like a hospital. Still have half the GU10s in the box. Fucking long life too


Oh my god, I’m in that list…check…check…check…in my defence it was 10 years ago :blush:


Agas in tiny terraced houses (and I include much of Ranelagh in this)
Off street parking in your garden (especially if you have a dirty great SUV jammed up against your living room window)


I had to google soffit / fascia. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that


Astroturf on balconies, terraces, and, in extreme cases, the back garden.


Pistachio front doors with those round bushes on skinny stems either side.

No skirting board.

Cushions with stuff written on them.

Salvador Dali inspired clocks.

Rubbish kitchens installed just to sell the house.

Bottles of perfume used as ornaments in the bathroom.

Indoor gyms.

Leather or fabric headboards on beds.

Statement wallpaper.

Indoor cladding, around fireplaces.

Those moulded firescreens with a gold colour.

Lampshades with tassles.

Attic conversions with Dutch staircases.

Bar stools at kitchen counters.

Religious stuff.


Plane off the surface treatment and burn it in your 60s fireplace. :smiley:


Remember the gaff in lucan with a big picture of cj haughey gazing down at ya. Jeysus.

While lobbing up an Audrey Hepburn in malahide is just the height of sophistication compared to any form of pic whatsoever of Al pacino in scarface or marlon brando as the godfather.


Laminate flooring with beading at the edges because it was installed after the skirting

Bathroom sinks that look really,cool but are totally impractical

Corner wallmounted kitchen cupboards on the angle

Any sort of angled walls that are a lazy way of fitting doorways in etc

Bad garage conversions, basically a room that was converted to give the kids more space, but was hardly used because of no insulation

PVC front doors made to look like wooden doors

Eyelet curtains

Radiator covers

To start with…


And big sinks with taps so short that the water runs down the back of the sink such that you have to lean in and bend your hands at weird angles to try and wash them. Why???