Worst cliches in interior design?


Christ, I’d hate to have any of you lot to a house warming. Would feel like a cross between a court martial and a rectal examination.

I have images of being strapped to a plastic wicker chair, an ice-white LED shone in my eyes, and someone demanding to know where the Audrey Hepburn posters are hidden.


I think this is a bit harsh. We don’t have an american fridge, but the thought of chilled water, and crushed ice on demand, sounds okay by me. I don’t get those who buy these and never plumb them in though. And admittedly they’re less practical than a conventional fridge and freezer.

Aren’t the Audrey Hepburn posters just stock professional house dresser items for selling? Like those big Ikea Scando pendant shades? I’d always assumed most of them were?

Hip, but due to be naff (offender here for some of this):
Expired copyright mid-century modern rip-off seating (Eames etc)
Pretty much any Farrow and Ball colour.
Glossy finish kitchen cabinets

Just naff:
‘waterfall’ wash hand basin taps. Double bonus for glass basin and tap. Triple bonus for LED colour illuminated water to indicate hot to cold.

Beds with telly mount points or James Bond style elevator cabinets.


I just realised that second house with Audrey has a swimming pool!!!


Costa del Glasnevin/Finglas previously discussed here:


That’s it your all barred from the house warming!


I wonder how many poncey colour names have been invented (“clotted cream”, “scallywag”, “barrister white”) to avoid using the dreaded M-word (“magnolia”). It’s a pity the makers have to appeal to snobbishness, otherwise they could just label the tin with handy RGB colour values.


It’s an absolute godsend in a country that has proper weather. :smiley:
Plus you can put a filter on the water input if your mains supply is too chalky or chemical tasting. No messing around with Brita jugs that take up fridge space.


If RGB isn’t available, would you accept Pantone?
Not real unfortunately, though I have seen paint cans with Pantone values on them.


I painted a couple of rooms with F&B ‘Satin Slipper’. In theory it’s a warmish off white which is pretty neutral, and to be fair, it does react differently to different light conditions - shifting it’s warmth a bit. But in all honesty, it’s just a particularly nice magnolia.



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I think every house, bar the most eccentric, incorporates some form of interior design ‘cliché’. How far do we go with this? Is having a bedroom with fitted carpet a cliché or a practicality? Spotlights in the ceiling? I think it really depends on the entire look. Some rooms with aforementioned clichés still look nice because there may be some other individual twist/ style statement that eclipses the cliché.
For instances I will defend feature walls. I don’t like wallpaper ones personally, but I think painted ones can look nice (not red, but again that’s a personal preference). They’re a good design solution because a whole room painted in a vibrant colour can be claustrophobic and overbearing making it an unpleasant place to be. On the flip side, a sea of neutrals can be boring. Feature wall/ painted chimney breast to the rescue!

All that said, here are a few I’m not sure have made the list yet:
Wooden floors and leather couch combo
Large vase with twigs in it (maybe with fairylights)
Big shiny platters in the middle of coffee tables or on hall console tables, sometimes with things like pinecones in them
Cute boxes/ jars for decanting rice, flour etc. into in the kitchen that hardly ever get used for this purpose and sit empty for most of the time
Wooden venetian blinds. There was a time when I coveted these. I’m glad we didn’t get them now.
Fact is, if it’s fashionable, it will probably go out of fashion at some point. Our kids and their college friends will probably think all of our carefully chosen decor is naff eventually.


I think they’re having a revival. My better half was admiring some on a house a couple of weeks back, and commented about how she would never have thought they were something she’d like.

I’m with you on feature walls. We have two. They can do wonders on balancing out a room.


We painted ours.


Very nice flea. You turned your flea-pit into a chic-pit. I really like your yellow armchair!


Flea that’s amazing! I wouldn’t have thought of that. I’d be stuck with the fireplace for years if I had one. :slight_smile:


"MyTwoCents - i would defend some of those:

Wooden floors and leather couch combo - that’s a practical / lazy person and nothing wrong with that. Some people like things they can wipe down

Large vase with twigs in it (maybe with fairylights) - fairy lights aside, that’s the type of person I’ll be, need something to to make a room less plain, can’t be trusted with real

Big shiny platters in the middle of coffee tables or on hall console tables, sometimes with things like pinecones in them - I got a giant Waterford crystal bowl as a wedding present. Would never have bought it myself but when I have a house it’ll have to go somewhere, and

Some of the things on this thread aren’t a result of people thinking they are at the cutting edge of interior design- I suspect quite a lot are along the lines of “we have kids who scribble on everything with crayon- lets get a couch and floor we can wipe down”


Thanks :smiley: We had originally planned to replace it with a plain white stone surround of some sort but that fell down the list of priorities and now I prefer it as it is - the shape, scale and materials suit the room far better than a cast iron or stone fireplace. You can’t get the curved tiles any more (except for salvage) and any fireproof tiles are hard to come by - in the future, people will want these, mark my words.

@MyTwoCents The armchair is a recovered 1950s G Plan chair.






Those tiled fireplaces are what was put into houses built in the 1950’s and 60’s. So they are authentic for that period of house…