Worst cliches in interior design?


The gray walls and sofas which plague modern showhouses are probably authentic for the 2010s at this point; doesn’t mean people have to like them :slight_smile:


Lovely job. I think the wood surround makes it - those fireplaces by themselves look far less appealing! Good idea perhaps for others wondering what to do with those type of fireplaces - could be cost effective to have some form of wood surround made rather than replacing the whole thing altogether.


I ripped one out of my house built ca. 1900. I imagine the folk who exchanged out the cast iron fireplace at the time felt so mod…


There’s a door-to-door business in there somewhere. You could have the basic elements: top and 2 sides already made up and painted and simply chopsaw them to length on site. Add in a quick paint and you’re done.

You’d run it from a transit van


I think it was a broken transit van*. That’s why they’re called garage start-ups.

*May also not be true


That’s fantastic looking.

Did you need a specific paint for the heat? (Or is the fire lit?).


. . . a bit of external design included here!

All department-store art.
Faux-cobblelock, i.e. design pressed with a mould.
Anything designed to hide loo-rolls.
Toilet-bowl mats. :sick:
Overly-elaborate gates/railings – with tips painted a gaudy colour.
Brass-effect vent grilles – it’s a vent for Chrissake!
Tinted glass on sliding wardrobes.
Mock-vintage phones with push-buttons arranged like a dial.
Curves and swags on pull-down blinds.
Themed doormats.
Funny titles on loo doors.
External lighting which floodlights the facade of the house – unless it’s Farmleigh.


Will be interesting to see what is actually left after we have completed this list :laughing:

Although I have to admit i agree with practically all that has been mentioned so far!


If people were honest, how many items condemned on the list do you have in the house?

I don’t have the red coloured chimney breast, but I have thought about it!


I haven’t counted 'cos I’m NOT BOVVERED.


I am guilty of the leather sofa - wooden floor combo, which is one of the few items that I would argue in favor of, depending on the sofa and the floor. Not a blanket pass for sure!


Me also…hardwood floor and cream leather sofa in the living room (modern, minimalist design - not the “fat” ones with foot-wide arms and “buttons” all over them.) Cream rugs too, cream curtains, light colored walls. No “patterns” in the house anywhere - just textures. The CD, vinyl and book collection - plus a guitar on a stand, provides more than enough colour!


Do you play or is it for decoration only!!!


Oh, I play it of course - it’s not just a design feature! (Yamaha FG-340 - for those who care!)


Groups of pictures left on the floor in a corner. :nin


And sheepskin rugs under blue chairs. :nin


60% of this site? next.co.uk/homeware

Special mention for the chavtat: next.co.uk/shop/productaffil … aments#1_0


That seems… weirdly specific.


Observant ones! Looks like ye missed the oversized anglepoise floor lamps (aka “Antwerp” or “Brooklyn” or from anywhere else mega trendy floor lamps) paired with chesterfield sofas :nin


You’re all just jealous of fleas fireplace!