Worst cliches in interior design?


Or Louis I Kahn’s pioneering efforts in the Fisher House in the 60’s…built into the window seat!!!




That is fantastic. Stolen two ideas from that.

I had been playing with buying an old school map and using that to hide the TV. Other idea is a book shelf that slides over to reveal the TV. If we have one it has to be hidden.


Whatever you do you have to automate the reveal part of it. Purely so you can feel like a Bond villain.

Can’t put a price on feeling like Scaramanga, Goldfinger or Largo


:laughing: :laughing:

v good.


Take a trip to Next Home if in the area. It’s an Aladdin’s Cave for many of the items contending for the title of Modern Design Cliche 2015



Next you say. Keep up at the back!


There were solid tailbacks on M50/11 yesterday evening and all the escape routes I’d usually use were clogged solid so I took time out in Carrickmines for a wander round the shops until the traffic cleared.

It’s much more impressive to see these things in the flesh.


If Kubrick shot soap operas…



Oh dear I’m showing my age…that’s Hilda Ogden’s muriel (sic)…haven’t watched CS since she left



I agree. An exacting lot

Also, am I the only person who has stuff in their home because family and friends gave it to me and I appreciate the gift? We have things like the ubiquitous Waterford Crystal bowl in the centre of a coffee table and other pictures on walls and crafty stuff on mantels and shelves, not because they are particularly my taste but because they are gifts from people we care about. Unless I actively dislike something that someone bought me, I’d normally display it. It gives a familiarity and emotional warmth to a home - and since that’s what my house is and I don’t have any talent for interior design nor desire to prove to anyone that I have 2015-sanctioned taste.


Ooohh don’t get me started on wedding gifts of Waterford Crystal. And Newbridge silverware. Such a waste of money. Yes im ungrateful, but pretty sure a lot of them are re-gifts. One box i got looked like it had been through 4 or 5 couples by the time it got to us.
Took a while to flog it online!
Seriously though, most of these type of gifts didn’t seem very thoughtful, more convenient for unimaginative people.


Wine glasses - never used or unboxed.
Cutlery - the same.
I regret not flogging them immediately!


I think the fact I never got round to doing the wedding thing probably has something to do with it - the number of gifts we’ve got over the years is probably exponentially smaller than most couples, so easier to display without feeling nauseous at the sight of 10 Waterford Crystal Bowls!

Any time I’ve got presents smart glasses or cutlery, I’ve put them in the cupboard and used them along with the day to day stuff. They eventually break or go missing, but I prefer that than having them sitting in the attic unused.


Centre of coffee table adorned with:
Waterford Crystal bowl you got as a gift = fine
Waterford Crystal bowl you bought for yourself = questionable (depends on which line)
Burnished copper-coloured ‘is it glass/ is it plastic’ platter you got in Woodies = tsk, tsk, tsk



I’m afraid I have no sentimentality at all when it comes to that stuff, if it doesn’t fit in, it goes out the door.


The decline of Waterford Crystal is evident here.

I’m a wine lover, and I have lots of Riedel vinum glasses, which are crystal, but uncut crystal. They’re thin, and shaped differently depending on the wine, to allow the drinker to appreciate the particular characteristics of the wine. They have a fairly modern, but classic aesthetic. I love them. They really are just vessels for the wine, and really add to the enjoyment of the same.

The old school Waterford cut crystal glass are just too fancy, fussy and heavy to allow enjoyment of wine. I gave some to my mother in law, who was delighted to get them, but promptly put them at the back of a cupboard where I suspect they will always stay. Newbridge cutlery I don’t mind so much, although I prefer the stainless steel ones (which I actually use) over the silver plated kings pattern (again, more fussiness).

We got plenty of both for our wedding. Wine glasses aren’t necessarily a bad present, but I already had loads, and can’t figure out why someone thought I needed more.


anyone else think that Newbridge silver is rubbish quality and naff design? or maybe it’s the marketing that’s off-putting?


I don’t have anything to compare it with, so I’ve no idea.


I wonder does anybody actually choose to buy Newbridge Silver for themselves? Or is it just a handy gift option for the unimaginative type?
I brought back a duplicate cutlery set we received and they were good enough to offer credit note… really struggled to find something to pick up instead!


Got strange looking enormous goblet-type Wateford “wine glasses” as a housewarming gift recently, and the other half has identified them as being useful for pouring generous G&Ts.
Every cloud…