Worst Estate Agent photos


For entertainment value, I think that it would be great to have somewhere or a thread to upload the worst estate agent pictures. You know the one which shows that the neighbour has an articulated lorry in their driveway or the ever popular picture if a divan bed. There are also excellent photographs out there that show if you stretched out your legs while sitting on the couch, your feet would be in the kitchen.

If it already exists, point me in the right direction.


While I am not a fan of the the low quality imagery and presentation used we in no way condone this kind of thread. A wholesale thread dedicated to knocking Estate agents who are not graphic designers/photographers by trade is in misplaced energy at best.

Not to mention it hardly ads anything constructive to the story thus far.


Not sure why commentary on the imagery that estate agents use is any different from the comments on the creative use of the english language that estate agents use to describe houses or apartments. There is no shortage of commentary on what it says in a description versus peoples perception of a development / area etc.

Should we take it that commenting on colourful language used to portray a 40sqm basement apartment as aspirational living may be perceived as knocking the estate agents grip of the English language.

Apart from the entertainment value, it highlights a poor service to the vendors and the prospective purchasers. IMHO, an estate agent is hired to market a property, marketing includes portraying it in it’s best light. Or is it unrealistic of a vendor to expect a level of professionalism from a service provider that they are paying 3 / 5 / 20 grand?


May I remind you of your opening comment,

So which is it?

Constructive commentary on advertising standards, regulations etc. etc. is welcome.


I genuinely thought that the pin had balanced the ability to be entertaining and humorous with the ability to inform and discuss constructively. I take it from your last comment, it can not be both.

To be clear, I am not portraying this as an issue for advertising standards. This is just another angle on how the estate agents profession need to use this contraction in the market to retain the best staff and improve the general public’s expectation from the industry.

Companies in all lines of business use marketing expertise and expect high quality. It should be the same with estate agents - the manner in which they conduct their business should mean that they do the job better than most of us would do it…that is why we would pay them to sell our houses… having an appropriate number of good quality images with an advertised property will increase the chances of it being viewed / sold.

As has been seen from numerous references in the print and digital media, the pin has the ability to educate and influence…if along the way it also entertains, then douze pointe. The thread could have been caveated with ‘no estate agents were hurt in the taking of these photographs’

I defer to your judgement on what is appropriate for the pin


Surely a candidate for worst Estate Agent / photos

2 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, City Centre Southside D2, Dublin
myhome.ie/commercial/brochur … lin/191002

There are 4 identical photos of the outside; there’s photo of the Luas, Baggot Street and the park yet only 2 of the 10 photos are of the interior on the building;

must be some explanation - maybe the vendor didn’t allow access, EA didn’t have time - however look at the address of the agent ! :open_mouth: :smiley:
Coldwell Banker Estates Group Head Office, 2 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2

to top it off


I totally agree with your last comment - It would infuriate me if I was paying anyone money and they didn’t have the time to take decent photos and show my house in the best light - also EA’s not plotting houses correctly on maps is very annoying it takes a few minutes to put a nice ad together and shows off a good first impression.

If their getting paid to market the house then they should bloody well do it!! Why do we just roll over and take the bad quality of service from some of these EA’s?


A more useful thread might be ‘Least Accurate Description’, with awards going to EAs who actually describe the house correctly.


“…come tho think of it I remember a few years back there was a thread about worst EA photos…to the search engine robin”

fair play to your memory mate!



Ballymore Eustace


And they want €130,000 for it, priceless!!!.


This one?
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myhome.ie/residential/brochu … rd/1499409

check out image 11!


I want one!!




:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Ha Ha that’s gas! Wonder does it come with the house!!


The Land that time forgot !




Fabulous – cheap house, and a community atmosphere too. :smiley:


If you’re viewing that with a small boy be ready for the pester-power! Small boys don’t half seem to be obsessed with dinosaurs! :smiley: