Worst Estate Agent photos


Was #2 taken through the door spy-glass?
An external interior shot!



Photo 12 - more funny that terrible photo. Looks like someone dead on the lawn!

Damn nice house tho


This has got to be up there: daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=7 … fr=default

Yes, yes, we get the idea these are new builds, and we get the weekly email alerts but do you really have to show us the building process??? WTF


I Say:
If you have nothing to say - say nothing!
EA Say:
If you have nothing to show - show something!

Love the street sign shot - I mean, who would have thought, without photo evidence, it would actually match the address!


off topic - Does anyone know what Bhan an Aeir means? I’m getting women of the air… Angels maybe?

I really wish the translation of irish place names had been done properly. Always wanted to be a Shallowford man.


You mean this? Probably Airfield was the original

In any event it’s “bhán” not “bhan” - so not “women” but white - or :

meathfieldnames.com/index.ph … ield-names

meathfieldnames.com/images/I … uraile.pdf



Gives bán translated as “ley”, which is loosely grassland or pasture.

Edit: Apparently ley is more like ‘set aside’, i.e. land that’s been left to rest for a season or more.

So, “The Road of the Setaside Field of Air”


Nice work gents


Ye should offer some of the Freemen translation services - there seems a need!


ibtimes.co.uk/articles/52001 … -photo.htm


Hat tip to DSE3Br

I laughed so hard I cried:



myhome.ie/residential/brochu … pertyAlert


I don’t know if they’re bad photos.
It just wouldn’t be possible to take good ones.


Then take none maybe?


At least scoot the cat so the place doesn’t look haunted.


Sure why bother your hole to go to the house to take a photo at all?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 24/2776547


Assume it’s not a real cow…

daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-sa … n-1675104/


Did you not spot the other one lying down enjoying the sun?!


I didnt!


So person in the shot here
daft.ie/cork/houses-for-sal … 580/#img=3

and in the reflection here
daft.ie/cork/houses-for-sal … 80/#img=16

I thought this was a weird mini room til I realised it’s the beds reflection lol
daft.ie/cork/houses-for-sal … 80/#img=21