Would 300 be reasonable for this nice apartment?

What say ye pinsters?



I spent 5 years living in a 750sq ft 2 bed apartment and it was ‘cosy’. 500sq.ft is seriously small and a real problem if you’re hoping to share to reduce costs. 300k is still 2002/3 prices, TUG’s price is more 1998 and probably closer to the real worth.

I get the feeling the EA wrote this just before lunch.

46sq metres for a 2 bed? That’s seriously tiny, I’ve lived in several 1 beds that were bigger.
And 500sq feet@300k would be €600 per sq foot.

Thats certainly an interesting choice of bathroom suite, I guess it doesn’t need as much cleaning :smiley:

No f en way

It would not be reasonable at all.
Its 46 m2.
I agree with TUG 150K max and that would be a good deal for the vendor.

500 sq ft. cop onto yourself.

i would say its unlikely to be sold for 300 euro. My offer here would be 97k no more no less. . .

The apartment I rent a room in is 52sqm and it’s ridiculously small. I’d never choose one so small to rent in again much less buy for 300k!

Just to add to the chorus… I lived in a 1 bed that was 50 sq metres, and though it was comfortable, it would be the smallest I’d consider for a 1 bed, never mind a 2 bed.

It’s got electric heating, it’s very small - photos distored to make it look bigger. See photo 2 the pain of glass on the left its smaller than the one on the right. They’ve dropped the celing and move the right side of the room in and down that makes it look bigger. Why EA’s do this I don’t understand it gives a negative impression as soon as you walk in

I’d give it a miss.

I hope you meant €300 and not 300k

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NO. Don’t be a fool.
We are going here.
rightmove.co.uk/overseas-pro … %255E80796

But of course, if you don’t think so, then spend one third of a million Euros on an apartment. Or 9 times the average salary. But don’t expect anybody to buy it from you in the future for much more than the Berlin apartment above. And don’t expect the rent to come anywhere near covering the mortgage, ever.
When the dust settles that apartment will be work less than 80,000 and the best rent you’ll get will be less than 300 per month.

Hmmm. You are much more agreeable than that Unwelcome fellow.

They haven’t manipulated the image if that’s what you mean; al they’ve done is use a wide-angle lens for the photo. It’s a common EA trick to make a small place look bigger, and more and more EAs are copping on to this. You can always recognise a wide-angle photo when you see most of the ceiling and the floor in the same frame.


Now if only they could force viewers into wearing wide angle spectacles the revival could begin.

I looked at one of these places a couple of years ago. It is a nice location but the place was tiny.

Surely that’s illegal. missrepresentation of the product on sale (or whatever the consumer rights issue is) apart from buyer beware.

Plus they take the wide-angle picture from outside the room, either from a height, or from the floor.

How so?

It shows it the wrong size.