Would I be charged for anything?

Have sale agreed on a house,but they are not getting things done quick enough,plus they wont comprise on the price so that we can get the work done which is needed.

Now we have given them an ultimatum if by next week they dont have correct papers etc like compliance letters we are going to pull out.

So to my point,our buyers have signed our contracts but we havent signed a thing…Can we tell them without penalty we are not selling.This would of been our second house to lose,because of buyers pulling out and now this.We said all along that if this doesnt go through we’d take house off market.

I know I will probably be charged for solicitors fees, but would the estate agent come after his money even though he does say No sale,No fee.Because we pulled out of deal?


Do you have an agency agreement with your estate agent (ie a contract).

I’ve moved your question here Keano, probably more appropriate. Check with your solicitor before discussing pulling out of the contract with your agent btw.

Ok thanks for that Duplex.Will do

Just got the usual letter from Estate Agent outlining the costs if sale goes through.

The agent might look for their costs (advertising etc.) Its up to you if you wish to contribute. Good luck.

They wont charge a fee but will charge for costs,advertising ,etc.