Would you buy a house with a rat in the garden?

Only one way to find out.

There is nothing like seeing your fat lazy cat transformed into a mongoose-like streak of lightning when attacking a rodent. The way raw fearless instinct kicks it is quite impressive.

would depend … would i have to feed him ? I work long hours, he might get lonely on his own. You could install a rat flap ??

Have to post this…


I’ve heard that story before. It doesn’t ring true, and if it IS true it’s a sort of dangerous cruelty that doesn’t impress me much.

I’d a rat in a flat I lived in in an old Victorian terrace. Poison did for him

Apparently the rat was 100 yrs old.

How do I know? It’s birth cert was stuck up its arse.

True I tells ya.

Jesus! You’re some kind of sociopath! :slight_smile:

For me it was a bowl of cornflakes, 3 squares of kitchen roll and Sweet Valley High.

But then, I grew up in the city and we had 4 cats, so it might have been very different :slight_smile:

Thanks for the laugh guys! [the tears are rolling down my face] :smiley:

I had a mouse problem a few years back and bought pre-baited re-usable traps. Was recently seperated from my husband so decided to go away with my girlfriends and leave the traps out for the offending mice.

On my return I slowly looked around the corner of the b/fast bar to see if traps had worked, but they weren’t in the spot that I had so carefully placed them! God love the poor creatures that obviously got trapped and then tried in vain to get out of them!! [can only assume this].

I had thought of asking my manly neighbour to rescue me from these dead vile animals, but after much ‘dolphin like’ screaming (could hear dogs barking in the neighbourhood) I decided I was perfectly capable of doing the job myself. Got my marigolds on and disposed of the mice traps and all!!

Now have a cat and a yorkie - haven’t seen a mouse since!

an acquaintance worked for a US financial company in Dublin - as part of their standardised testing there was a personality quiz - some odd stuff, one Q “I liked to torture animals as a child” - you’d think one would lie and say NO even if one had ‘dabbled’ - but a female candidate ticked yes, crossed it out and added “Just Cats” .

She is now a minor TV presenter on RTE

I’m a big fan of electric mouse/rat traps, they work great and it’s pretty easy to dispose of the kill without having to touch it. I got mine when our north London refuse service went on strike during a summer heatwave. There were rats and mice everywhere. Just walking home at night you’d see rodents running around on the bags of rubbish in people’s gardens, and on the main road I saw a rat dragging a tomato toward the house where it’s nest must have been. It was vomit inducing. I got my electric trap and killed 5 of them in one day and then another 2 or 3 a week on average for the rest of the summer. Once the trap even killed a mouse in it and another mouse who touched the dead mouse as the current passed through them both. Even after the strike ended there was an inordinately high number of mice around for the next 2 years I lived there.

I live by a river at the moment and even though I see rats often enough along the banks we have yet to have a rodent in the house. But one of my neighbours has 4 Great Danes, the other 5 terriers and 3 cats and I have a pair of springer spaniels one who has a fantastic nose and the other who can bring down birds in flight - both who got pretty good at mouse catching as we got them in the aftermath of the refuse strike, and the place is crawling with foxes and badgers.

As a student Nurse my sister did live in some choice accommodation around the NCR but top of the charts was the house in which her housemate opened the fridge one day to a find a rat nibbling away at last nights dinner…

Funnily enough it was around the time of that UB40 song…always had a special poignancy with her

Most original solution I’ve ever heard for keeping rats at bay was from a little old German guy who lived in Samui, Thailand. When he got infested, he caught a python in a nearby forest and boarded it into his attic. No more rats after that, apparently.

My aunt told me her father used to trap them, then boil the kettle and pour it over the poor little fucker. She said the screaming was awful, but they wouldn’t see a rat about the place for a few weeks after. Simpler times!

You wouldn’t see anyone around the place for weeks. Did he butcher his own pigs and bite the heads of chickens as well?

Did his own pigs alright :slight_smile:

I’d like to see some little Hi Vis prick tell him to wear a Dayglo jacket!

In short no I would not as there are more where he came from they stink up the place when they die as well, can you get vermon control to have a look at the place?

In short mice - OK but rats they are filthy and there is plenty more where he came from

I remember a new employee starting work with my father and being given £50 and the task to go to town and buy some rat traps. He came back with a dozen humane mouse catching trays that consisted of a puddle of glue with a place to put a chunk of cheese. That guy set the record for the shortest term of employment. 3 hours.

Didn’t have the killer instinct, eh? What was his job going to have been? Tough negotiating with suppliers? Giving people their P45’s? Just curious.