Would you like a lift in your house ?


Why don’t more houses have lifts ? Or does your house have one ?
I know poor Stirling Moss fell down a lift shaft but…
I saw an advert this week for this crowd


Well 90% of them around here are bungalows! :smiley:


Lifts also cost a lot of money to maintain.


I lived in a house that had a dumb waiter. That was kind of cool.


I once stayed in a house with one. It was pretty cool.

That said, it had 2.5 metre ceilings and 5 floors and the owners did feel they needed it.

Since about the age of 7 I’ve always felt the need for a fireman’s pole but couldn’t convince Mrs S of my case…


Not just me then.

I also want a set of Scaramanga’s collapsible stairs.


I’ve never really understood the degree to which the law prevents modifications that fall foul of building regs/health and safety, but if any planning inspector turned up I’d lead them over the bridge…


or into the lift…


Oh, and more stairs…



Sod health and safety, I’d have a paternoster. :smiley:


It’s not his fault; he was never encouraged as a child.


I’ve long wondered whether this is a lift.



looks like an unfinished one!
As for the fireman’s pole, well in the US they’re now considered too dangerous and fire stations are now putting in slides.



Ok servicing cost is an issue. But more lifts would surely lower this. If you think of the number of people who fall down the stairs lifts make sense.


Fireman’s pole too dangerous for fireman…but not for 4 year olds…ffs


I should’ve posted this in the why trump got elected thread. :unamused:


You think Trump got elected because people don’t understand risk? Firemens polls have resulted in many fractured ankles if you believe the firemen I know. This leads to the whole crew being delayed while they sort out their injured colleague, leading to poor outcomes. On the other hand they save relatively small amounts of time vs a well-constructed stairwell.

The fact that you don’t see a difference between gravitational acceleration going down a 6 foot kids poll and a 15 foot fireman’s poll makes me suspect you would indeed have voted for Trump :slight_smile:


A friend who suffers from MS had one installed when she had her house refurb’d. I think it was 25-35k. When she’s suffering badly she uses it to come downstairs. She still tries to always walk up to keep the muscles moving. It’s the size of a hot press on each level.


Would a 3 foot child reach terminal velocity over a shorter distance than a 6 foot fireman ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s not confuse ‘poles’ with ‘polls’. Also, be careful when googling ‘Fireman’s pole’ at work…


I was referring to his domestic partner, Jacek.


It is a lift. And now it’s finished.




myhome.ie/residential/broch … in/3866861


That selling agent deserves a slap for each mistake in the advert.
It wasn’t Times magazine it was Time Magazine
Where’s the floorplan ?
What is the plot size ? please admit this
Why is the first internal photo a pokey staircase ?