"Wrong" side of Clanbrassil (generalised WIW)

Just wondering if anyone has been to see any of these properties around South Circular/Clanbrassil St - I do find the villa style very appealing but the converted layout isn’t always the most practical. But a 2 bed is a 2 bed on the other hand, and 300k for a 2 bed in an area near not very good areas is a bit … saucy?

44 Greenville Terrace myhome.ie/1443123
39 St. Alban’s Road myhome.ie/1268175 (Let’s just knock of the Felicity Fox premium and assume it’s the same price as the other two really)
48 St. Alban’s Road myhome.ie/286615

Houses of this nature, in this area, decently renovated as they seem to be - where do you think we’re headed pricewise by say q1 2013?

Or this one for E645k for a 2 bed… :open_mouth:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/1442757

They probably put a bit too much cash into it in fairness.

Jeebus. speechless is my first reaction.

It’s certainly very individual. Would be surprised if they got half that figure. No… around a third.

I like this. Way too expensive - you are right that they put too much money into it - it will only ever be a house in Dublin 8. But is is nice, in my opinion.

These are nice houses for one person. They will drop to c. 200 K.

My word, I am not often speechless, but that certainly has left me so.

I reckon that house was bought as a wreck for about 400k in 2007, then had 200k spent on it, and is not in the market at current price so sender can break even.

ironically the SherryFitz ad on that listing is for this

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1461784

28 Oxford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
€630,000 - 3 Bed Terraced House 145 m² For Sale

a bigger house in Ranelagh for less!

I think they’ve done a magnificent job with that house. Love it. The location and price, not so much.

Agree, the layout of 48 St Alban’s road means you could never comfortably share it.

Only just noticed bedroom is only accessible via sitting room! They really didn’t think things through.

44 Greenville isn’t much better really. I might just go have a nose at them all some weekend next month to see how weird the layouts are.

I think this area is fine.

Have a look at some auction results from mid 1999
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 03887.html
no 52 st alban’s rd sold €336k
no 61 st alban’s rd sold €285k

now these houses you list look lovely and cannot really be compared with the awful crapboxes for sale in 1999.

so there you go: value! just wait a few months or a year or two for extra value.

Good to know - thanks for that info mr. agent! (Should have thought of auction results myself, have I learned nothing from the pin :unamused: )
I really only want to borrow 2.8 times my salary so am abandoning pipedreams of Rathgar…

336k was a lot of money to pay in 1999.
Wasn’t there a big boom between 1994 onwards. I’d like to know what these houses were making in 1993/94.

The Blackpits is an OK place. There are generations of families who buy there and no-where else. But there’d still be a case for putting bars on the downstairs windows.

I always like to google a road’s name and “the accused” and see what pops up.

newstalk.ie/2011/news/man-ja … -have-sex/

I haven’t even adjusted for inflation. Inflation from 1999-2010 was 37%. So we are really looking at a price of €461,145 in today’s money

yes there was. You’d get a house like this in shite condition in 1994 for about 60 grand iep. or €115,724 in 2011 money

According to the agent, bought as a wreck in 2009. She even had photos of the state it was in at the open house.

Had a look at the largest one 44 Greenville Terrace myhome.ie/1443123 on Friday

I do quite like it but yet again marvel at the genius of the Sherry Fitz photographer - always a great job. It has sort of utility shed as well out the back, but realistically needs new kitchen and probably wiring in about half the house, and the bathroom is very small (as are the back bedrooms). Apparently offer is in of 255k. Without seeing the other two I’m wavering, but it is a bigger house on a slightly better street - that said, bigger than I need. If there wasn’t an offer, I’d probably have made one subject to survey, region 225k. Part of the logic behind that might be frustration i.e. no logic at all.

But a utility room! The luxury!

ETA - harping on at myself now, but sure anyway… sale agreed as of June 30. Up for sale for what, 3 or 4 weeks? Saw the other two, the FF one is fairly crap, am thinking about the DNG one, had already decided I preferred it to SF one when I saw it had gone sale agreed. My buddy obviously figured I wasn’t serious.

The price for 26 Lauderdale Terrace is 585,000
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/1442757

I was wondering where this house was seeing as I live in the area and the address didn’t ring a bell until I drove past it on New Row South. It appears that ‘Lauderdale Terrace’ is one of the old names you see quite often on the end house of a Georgian or Victorian terrace but is no longer in use as the street name (if it ever was in the first place.) I presume this is being done for snobbery and to distinguish these houses from the newer development called New Row Square.

There is no ‘Lauderdale Terrace’ on the official list of dublin street names or the OSI map or Google maps or Bing maps and a google search only brings up property related links.


It’s also next to and overlooked by a steelworks.

Still quoting sale agreed a month later

Have a drive around the area as well as looking on line - there are a good few houses for sale with small local agents that are not on myhome.ie or daft. 2 on Washington Street, a couple on St Albans, one or two on Raymond Street I think.

If villa style turns out not to be right, have a look at this one myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-8/421493

It was quoting 250 which I think is potentially pretty good value for what is a fine sized house. Its sale agreed on the website but still for sale on the sign outside.

Oh, and by the way, having lived on the ‘wrong side’ of Clanbrassil Street for 6 years, I now like it much more than the ‘right side’ - great neighbourhood to live in

Thanks - sale agreeds seem to drag on for 3 or 4 months these days. Some unagree in that period of course

Had a look at 2 on St Albans - one (Felicity Fox) isn’t very nice. The DNG one is lovely in parts but has some flaws, mainly that second bedroom is too small. The Murphy Mullan one opposite is asking over 500k. The SF one needs mountains of work. Will try get down to get info on what’s on in Washington St and Raymond St - I’d quite like Raymond st in particular.

further out towards Dolphin’s Barn is not a runner tho.

That said, I think it’s time to think about giving up. If I can’t afford a mid terrace in Kimmage (6w Kimmage but still Kimmage, and they are asking 7.5 times the avg ind wage) really do I want to be getting involved at all? 3x (where x is not to be sneezed at) + deposit gets me not very much.