WSJ - Ireland Blue print for Eurozone

There is more (and sometimes less)

Dont think too much of that article, for one they dont mention the salaries the teachers and the Gards are on or the big pension at the end of the day.
No they just mention the poor bird working in justice and slaving in the bar while looking after her boyfriends 3 kids with her own (cue the haunting violin music).
It also says

It doesnt say what welfare is in this country to allow readers compare it to their own country(as they’ll probably find its near or above minimum wage in the US), there is so much wrong with this article its scary and I betcha this guy gets an invite to drinkies when the Irish delegation are celebrating in Washington next week (best party in town).
Cue the music “she had four green fields each one was a jewel…” FFS :unamused:

It’s not a nice article to read, but I still feel this is the way we have to go, and it was the right choice. I know it’s an overused metaphor, but we drank away our boom and now we are paying for it with the mother of all hangovers - there is no way to avoid the hangover, we can try taking a shot of whiskey (more lending) to delay it, but it only makes the inevitable hangover worse in the end.

Dude! It’s the WSJ!!! You make out like it’s Pravda???


Whatever about the fact concerning the highly indebted Garda, surely the 26 yr old public servant information cannot be right??
Quote: Ms. Kavanagh says she has high child-care costs and borrows from her mother to take her 7-year-old daughter, Aoibhean, to the doctor, where routine visits can top €50. She also helps care for her longtime boyfriend’s three kids. To make ends meet, she often works 70 hours a week, getting to Justice at 8:30 a.m., returning home to cook dinner at 6, and then heading to a second job at a nearby club, often finishing at 2 a.m.

Firstly Her salary could not be down to 20K from more than 25K
Secondly even if it was she would have a medical card No?
Thirdly talk about gilding the lily " she has to look after her partners three children"!!! What’s he doing… What’s their mother doing?? ?

Have I missed something??

Exactly my point this is a crock of shit and its like the guy is gushing over the decisions made by the current shower and forgets to mention its their stupidity that got us here in the first place FFS.

WGU, to be honest with you I dont care what newspaper printed it or news agency for that matter its muck.

The Garda is called Mr Peelo . Usually the media just make up these people and their circumstances are just taken from a typical range of people .

That’s the point!

It is Pravda - but the capitalist mirror image.

So why are they bigging up Ireland?

I assumed the initial title would be stock copy of this story in the IT today: … 77031.html

So why the blowjob from the WSJ?

It has to be Paddy’s day next week and get in early for your invite :wink:

Agreed, as in…

“Hi, I’m a Garda (police officer) and my name is Robert Peel" - "Oh, I nearly fell for that one”

You’ve never heard of Des Peelo then?
(No relation, I’m sure, just saying the name is a real one).

Sir Robert Peelo I believe.

It also implies that the girl working in the DOJ and in a bar was also working there in 2008. So presumably she couldn’t make ends meet even then, and that was before the pension levy etc, 2010 cuts, income levy etc.

Thanks for that YM . Its late at night here in Melbourne and I am having a nice cup of tea ( Its something that happens when you get into your 40 's ) and I am about to go to bed . Today was nice and sunny and I had a great day at work and I met some friends for an early dinner . It as all going just great until I googled Des Peelo . Now I am off to sleep and I will end a great day with images of Haughey and Bertie and some red raced tax goombeen .

Its a blurprint for decades of debt slavery and an interesting banking system . We present for your investment ’ banks with no money ’

How do you buy a bond in an Irish bank ? Its a risky investment but yet you are guaranteed a full return ?

I have indeed seen and heard the said Des Peelo - as one of the many glorified “bag-men” surrounding CJH (albeit masquerading as an accountant allegedly), and supporter of De Bert, how could one not have !?!?

You’re welcome. There’s one for every nightmare.

He popped up on the Frontline some time last year telling us everything was fine, the American’s hadn’t invaded and if we all clicked our heels together, we could go back to 2004, 2005 at the latest.

I think Garda Robert Peelo might be real, alright.

Paul Murphy, Secondary School Principal (pictured ) says his salary is back to where it was 3 years ago. Only another couple of years benchmarking to roll back so…