WSJ - Lessons of the Irish Comeback

We are the roadmap apparently.

i accessed the full article via google news and I don’t have a subscription

A positive news article (on Ireland) in an international paper is always welcome.
I wish I shared his rosy outlook, but if thats the story he wants to tell them, then I’m happy if it brings in the jobs.

Pity the WSJ is a shit rag that has been wrong about almost everything fo the last 30 years.

Full article here

MoneyWeek is getting cautiously positive on Ireland in recent weeks also.

FG seem to be as good or better at spinning than last crowd. Probably contacting all these international writers spiinning over a few good stats while downplaying the massive public and private debt we will have in coming years and the large unemployment and deficit which arent going away anytime soon. Every small number of jobs created are headline news on newstalk despite the dubious economic effects of many of them.

Journalist writes something, newspaper prints it but somehow de gubbermint must be involved.

And sure enough we find this gem in the middle of the article :